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Take the rough with the smooth...

So its late christmas eve, and I am comfortably surrounded by the fuzzy feeling that half a bottle of argentinian red wine will give you.

Yes, its that time of the years when family gets together and has large ammounts of wine over meals. Fabulous.

I'm not usually a fan of family gatherings, as I think I've previously stated. However when my grandparents are involved it tends to be, if not good fun, then at least nice. Plus Christmas Eve is my gran's birthday - double trouble - so we went out for a nice meal.

I had breaded mushrooms, cajun swordfish steak, and Rocky Horror desert (mmmmm). All very nice, oh and the afformentioned wine. So now I feel quite content.

So that was the smooth...

Rough part of recent days being that I got a court summons to do with the accident. Ugh, happy christmas right? I'll prolly end up pleading guilty.. mainly to get it over with. A few points on the licence, and a fine.. which isn't great, I could do without it.

Perhaps its the wine talking, but I don't care right now anyhow.. I did the other day.. and will later on, but not now. Its christmas (even if it doesn't feel like it or special at all in any way) and the family is around, so screw that stuff for a day. Can't be bothered with it.

I hope you all have a merry Christmas, I'm sure you will.. if you don't, then call me and I'll cheer you up I hope :)

Love you all.


31st Dec, 2003 17:47 (UTC)
I KNOW! how good a name is that?

Its basically.. like a chocolate fudge cake sundae, with warm fudge cake at the bottom, ice cream on top... and cream on top too... plus lots of chocolate fudge goodness..

soooo niiice.
31st Dec, 2003 17:50 (UTC)
*cries* Not fair!!!! *thump*
31st Dec, 2003 17:51 (UTC)
See you'll just have to move to the UK and visit the Harvester chain of pub/resturants and get one.

They are very nice :)
31st Dec, 2003 17:53 (UTC)
hahaha, riiight....that so won't happen. poor poor. college student I is.
31st Dec, 2003 17:56 (UTC)
I can relate.. except gone through that and found no damn Creative IT jobs as promised... curses.

Took me far too long to type that, new years eve and too much wine.
31st Dec, 2003 17:57 (UTC)
lol, yupyup, I am soon to be in such a state as well ;)