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Stuff and things...

So I've not posted for a while, and why not break this habit on Avionne's birthday?

Why not indeed.

So happy birthday Avi, thanks for all the good times we had this year. No matter how things turned out, I wouldn't have wanted them with anyone else. Here's to getting another year old, and another year wiser. *hugs*

So what else has been happening? Well I've been continuing to work at Virgin for the most part, as well as Gadget Shop. Yep, two jobs. Funnage. I need the money really.. so there you go. I'm mostly keeping Gadget Shop on until I hear if Virgin are keeping me permanantly, I think they will but you can't be too careful right?

This is one reason I've not been around much lately, also I have been suffering from something that rinnywee described so accurately:
Lots of opinions on lots of things but frankly I cannot be arsed typing them out. That's the whole problem with the Internet - I have to type how I feel about things. Really sick of that. Really and truly.

So yes, there's another reason for lack of online presence...

How is the new job? Its retail, so same as the old job really, slightly better pay, and guarenteed full time, so I guess you could say its better. I also occationally meet some very cool people. One of those people happens to work with me, and her name is sterilespells on here. Everyone say hi :)

I did about 2/3 of my Christmas shopping today without leaving my chair in a fit of lazyness. Aren't Amazon wishlists great? Anyhow.. to those that don't recive a prezzie, either I didn't have the money, you don't have a wishlist.. or I don't have your address.

Those that do.. I only hope they get to you by Christmas.. they should, but may not in some cases (it will be tight). I don't have huge ammounts of money, so I'm sorry that I couldn't get everyone on my friends list a present, you'll just have to cherish that I wanted to, and its the thought that counts.

Things I am getting increasingly bored/frustrated with:
  • This Journal - I'm not a diary person, and so just having a chronology of events is boring me. Must. Do. Something. About. This. We'll see as to what.. and when. One thing I know I'm having problems with is saying what I think and how I feel concidering my audience. Sometimes lack of personal contact is a good thing.

  • Work - But that is no surprise, I may be bored and frustratred, but I need the money, so I'm putting up with it.

  • Lack Of Progress On Twilight - This has come down to a free time issue I think, and my increasing apathy when it comes to typing when I actually do have free time. I am motivated, but I think I need to apply it better.
DAoC is also boring me right now, what started as something to de-stress me when I really needed it (after the crash) is starting to feel like a chore, boring, and isolated. I think this has something to do with my mood atm, so its prolly not the games fault. I also don't have the time for it atm, which is a shame.

This entry is already beyond a decent length, disjointed, and lacking any real flow.. so to finish it off I shall leave you with two Get Fuzzy icons I made while bored this morning, one coloured, one just cropped:


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16th Dec, 2003 09:27 (UTC)
And here I thought you died.

You need to post more. You *must* post more! slapslapslapslap

Whenever I started losing interest in my journals I would start making entries up. Used it as a freewriting exercise. I came out with some twisted crap, but more importantly I discovered why we get so enamored with myth--I found it more satisfying, and even more accurate as a description of my feelings when I would write a fake entry about something that didn't happen rather than write "I feel this" or "I think that". I don't know. It's an option.
16th Dec, 2003 11:33 (UTC)
Yeah I agree. 99% of the shit I write in my journal is utter fallacy. In actual fact, I am a 50 year old Aztec hermit with a wireless connection in the mountains of Peru.

Pleased to meet you.
16th Dec, 2003 11:57 (UTC)
do you look remarkably like your icon? Full battle armour and a skull mask?

No wonder you're a hermit.
16th Dec, 2003 22:10 (UTC)
Peru, eh? Good coffee there.


[/one track mind]
17th Dec, 2003 00:17 (UTC)
saying it has a track implies there are areas to the side which you could go from it ;)
16th Dec, 2003 11:49 (UTC)
hmm we'll see :)
Certainly an idea anyhow, thanks for that.

I was perhpas thinking about something along those lines... I'm not sure. Maybe something Twilight related...
16th Dec, 2003 09:29 (UTC)
welcome back. for the past few weeks i've been wondering if you'd dropped off the face of the planet! glad to hear your alive and well.
16th Dec, 2003 11:50 (UTC)
Yup, still around :) Thanks.

16th Dec, 2003 12:09 (UTC)
Personal contact is a good thing...but don't abandon this journal! I like reading your posts <3
16th Dec, 2003 14:06 (UTC)
Thanks for the birthday wishes. Good to know you are still alive. :)
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