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Simply the best...

One of the most beautiful albums ever...

Sigur Ros - ()

Ranks up there for me with Bjork's Vespertine, as one of the greatest records I have ever heard. Damn you icelanders and your mentally cracked, yet astonishing, musicians. I finally got my own copy of it, having bought a copy for a friend, and having lost the mp3's, I decided to make use of my new discount at Virgin.. god its a joy to listen to.


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24th Nov, 2003 14:59 (UTC)
Is this a new album of theirs..if so how recent?
24th Nov, 2003 17:08 (UTC)
Um.. I actually think it was released late last year, I just haven't gotten around to buying it (its kinda hard to find over here).

Its technically untitled (like all the songs) but, again like the songs, it has a name its normally refered to as which is just ( ), that is two empty brackets

soooo gooood
25th Nov, 2003 16:48 (UTC)
Well I guess I will have to ask my friend..he burned me a cd of theirs like two summers ago or something..so this must be new.
24th Nov, 2003 20:50 (UTC)
soooooo....what is it? or am i just completely missing the title? i can't read the scrawl on the front =\
25th Nov, 2003 01:12 (UTC)
Sigur Ros - ( )

also known as Sigur Ros - Untitled.
26th Nov, 2003 06:44 (UTC)
Vespertine sucks balls. Really. It's so fucking pretentious. It's what turned me off Björk - and you know how much of a fan I was. ( ) on the other hand is delightful. It really grows on you and I find my favourite songs switching depending on my mood, whereas I have a few staples in Agætis Byrjun and Von.
26th Nov, 2003 11:59 (UTC)
Now I thought that at first about Vespertine, but its really grown on me. Her best album is still Homogenic tho, but Verspertine for me is similar in.. not content, but evocative sound.

Feels like a similar texture, to me anyhow.

( ) does have songs for every mood, you're right. Right now I'm kind of hooked a lot into track 8, and how it builds to this kind of epic tune you'd hear on a movie soundtrack. Love it.

Plus track one I think will always be a fav.
26th Nov, 2003 12:02 (UTC)
Number 4 is mine.
26th Nov, 2003 15:12 (UTC)
4 is great too, currently 1, 2, 4, and 8 are the ones I listen to most.
26th Nov, 2003 12:47 (UTC)
Nothing will ever compare to Placebo :P
26th Nov, 2003 15:14 (UTC)
haha... yes yes miss addict ;)

Actually while I really like many of their songs I find Placebo's albums taken as a whole kind of flat and dull. Not that any of the songs are bad.. just that all in a row it doesn't flow well.

Definatly a band where I listen to tracks randomly, rather than straight through the album.
26th Nov, 2003 15:41 (UTC)
Greg.. I.. do.. not.. want.. to.. hear... it... :P
27th Nov, 2003 15:46 (UTC)
yeah yeah... :P

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