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Phone Post: Twilight: Prophecy

The Into to my NaNoWriMo novel, based on the plot I plan to use for Twlight: Prophecy.

388K 1:43
“London is steeped in history. It’s lousy with it. Walk down any street and you will find it. Statues that proclaim to whoever will read that someone they’ve never heard of did something they don’t care about on this very spot. Street names ring with the forgotten meanings of yester-year. Hanging Swords Alley, or St Tweezers Lane. Who was St Tweezer? The world may never know.

London is bloated with nightlife. From the ever-dark of the lower levels, to the channelled natural light of Notting Hill Heights. As soon as the sun goes down the revellers come out, into the night. Into the thousands of venues that wait, just for them. Flashy neon lights beam down on their gleaming, sickly faces as they enter nightclubs to dance their minds away, to forget who they are, to live in the moment, to be someone else, to have someone else… just for one night.

London is busy. Never ending streams of traffic run through the streets, pumping people and products around like lifeblood. By day they look like ants, by night – the most fabulous glow worms. The hustle and bustle of daily life flows around the city, infecting every pore, until it is just one beautiful stream of information… travelling from destination to destination, glistening in the night.

London is new. Shiny spires tower over old roofs, constant regeneration. Old buildings are added to and evolve like a forest in time-lapse photography. New technology makes buildings think and respond to their occupants every need. Rebuilt a thousand times, the city is modern, the city has money, the city has people, the city is the only place to live.

London is where the world will end… but not tonight.”

Transcribed by: darkcryst


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20th Nov, 2003 23:28 (UTC)
mmmmm....fabulous glo-worms....
21st Nov, 2003 08:21 (UTC)
like that line huh?
21st Nov, 2003 12:02 (UTC)
it's a wonderful analogy. i probably like it so much because it's one life form i would never think of comparing people to
that and you say it in a kind of awed voice when you read it, which makes it even better :)
21st Nov, 2003 12:09 (UTC)
thank you :)

I should post a transcript of it actually...
21st Nov, 2003 01:05 (UTC)
hey! you called me slow when we were talking earlier! *just remembered*
oh....well ...i guess you were right since it's at least 7 hrs later...hmm
21st Nov, 2003 08:22 (UTC)

I don't think there is much I can say in reply that would make that comment any better ;)
1st Jan, 2004 01:52 (UTC)
excuse me my deary..there is a typo in your transcript.... America is where the world ends....HM!
1st Jan, 2004 18:52 (UTC)
no no no.. its an American who causes it tho ;)

7th Jan, 2004 03:26 (UTC)
oh!!! my dear god, the things you say!! i am heart broken
7th Jan, 2004 08:12 (UTC)
lol.. poor baby! hehe. ok I lied anyhow, he's english, but from a french family.
8th Jan, 2004 10:37 (UTC)
lol..ok that's cool..those french folks :)
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