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Guess Who's Back... Back Again...

Greg is back... tell a friend.

So I've not been posting much recently. Well, that is posting much in a livejournal sense, a place that has over 200 posts a minute. Madness... mind you I suppose that if there really are 690817 active journals then at that rate that is about 2 days for everyone to post.

Mind you even then I am lagging behind.. so my apologies for keeping you all in suspence.

Very few things of note have happened to me, and I'm feeling quite apathetic in many ways so that doesn't help. Even opinion based rants tend to leave me bored when I write them out (talk to me tho and I'll be happy to rant.. less effort). So yes, lack of content postage recently.

Things That Have Happened To The Greg:
  • New job. Yep, a friend of mine is starting as co-manager of a Virgin Megastore (thats a music store) and offered me a job, its more solid hours and better pay (just) so will do for now. I might keep Gadget Store on as a sat job for spending money. Can't hurt right? This also means that Iceland is most likely a go, repeat a go. Still depends on this months paycheck, and if I can sell one of the things I have, but its looking positive.

  • I am being sued. Well.. sort of, I'm being taken to small claims court by the fucktard that hit my car. He claims he had whiplash. What-ever. He didn't recieve treatment at the scene, and was speeding. You speed, your problem. Well as far as I'm concerned anyhow. I'm not giving a penny to this guy, so fuck him and the horse he rode in on. My insurance company is dealing with it anyhow.
Other than that its just been a dull week. My hours got cut at the store (another reason to take a guarenteed full time position at Virgin) so I've been off, and off sick at that.

KILLER headache of doom has been dogging me this week. I seem to have fought it off as I type, thankfully.. I actually was in tears and scratched the paint off from my wall it was so painful a couple of nights ago. Pretty harsh huh?

I'll leave you for now, I'm probably going to do an audio post in a bit - the intro to my NaNoWriMo novel. I have no hope of finishing it, and I'm not really working much on it atm.. obviously. But it's started - and I will at least use it as the framework for Twilight. Getting things down on paper is REALLY helping.


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20th Nov, 2003 18:51 (UTC)
I'm not saying that I agree with him, but you won't get in trouble for not paying anything? I'm glad that you're still going to most likely make it to Iceland. Happy New Years Vacation to you! :)
20th Nov, 2003 19:05 (UTC)
Oh well that is IF he wins I'd get into trouble.. but frankly if it comes down to that I'll counter with my own claim etc etc...

I'd rather claim bankruptcy than give that irrisponsible idiot one penny.
20th Nov, 2003 20:25 (UTC)
I understand.
20th Nov, 2003 22:11 (UTC)
People that sue people suck! Hope you feel better soon! <333

BTW whenever you get to goto virgin let me know if they have all of the Spice girl albums..then I'll go downtown and buy em! YAYYY! =D
21st Nov, 2003 08:20 (UTC)
lol.. openly a fan of the spice girls huh? Takes some guts that ;)

I'm sure they will have, not like they weren't popular at the time.
21st Nov, 2003 09:27 (UTC)
I used to be in love with them in Grade 6....still have the official sticker book and postcards lol and the the first official video diary #1 LOL haha. buttt I still like em =) actually my CD's got stolen so I'm trying to replace some.
21st Nov, 2003 10:33 (UTC)
aww bless..

they were stolen? Good lord..
20th Nov, 2003 23:34 (UTC)
*HUGS* i'm glad your head is feeling better hon, i was worried about you
21st Nov, 2003 02:09 (UTC)
Dude, I will kick that guys arse with my Skald powahz!!!
21st Nov, 2003 04:36 (UTC)
*joins in on the asskicking*
...riding safely on some lovely Skald coattails

Iceland is a go. Local authorities have been drugged, bribed and otherwise cajoled into compliance.

..I wonder if people with Tourette's have the CAPS LOCK KEY ON WHEN THEY HAVE A fit..?
21st Nov, 2003 08:27 (UTC)
Re: *joins in on the asskicking*
In that case Tourettes is obviously VERY common amongst the male geek column, someone should do a study.
21st Nov, 2003 08:23 (UTC)
Now there is a fight I'd PAY to see.

Not to mention you could run rings around him, and then jump on his corpse ;)
21st Nov, 2003 04:23 (UTC)
Yay for a new job! On the other hand, I hate fuck-alls who feel the need to sue for anything. I work for a defense firm and I see frivolous lawsuits a lot. The way it work here is that your insurance will employ an attorney and if the story goes as you have said the will get the numbnuts to settle for very very little (which your insurance should cover) or rape him anally in court. It seems the guy saw a way to try for free money and went for it. If he actually has problems caused by the accident, any medical records from treating doctors will be subpoenaed regardless and they will tell the truth on him. I wish you much luck!!!
21st Nov, 2003 08:26 (UTC)
Thanks hon. Also he went private, so frankly that was his choice to spend money. As for his time off from work.. well I had that too, I was unable to sleep for most of that next week and was ill as a result.

Emotional distress suit? Not that I would.. but if he wants to play that game I could own him...
21st Nov, 2003 11:11 (UTC)
If you can get a psychiatrist to say you had emotional distress from the accident, then yeah, you could. From what I have experienced, lawsuits like this all boil down to doctors' reports and experts. There has to be evidenciary proof of an injury.

By he went private, do you mean that he filed the suit without an attorney representing him? If that is true, I see your insurance company and its attorneys eating him for lunch. Those people who file a suit w/o an attorney representing them usually (there are a few acceptions) get the shaft.
21st Nov, 2003 11:45 (UTC)
No I meant private medical care... so he paid for it as opposed to using the NHS for free.

Yeah.. its all about the paper trail, I'm going ot the doctors soon anyhow - I've not been that well since it happened and I've been getting headaches - so worth checking out.
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