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Get More Fuzzy Love.

Well as y'all like those icons so much I thought I'd actually MAKE them into icons..

Click on the image to get them, they are for windows and in dll (digital library) format. The ones shown are 32x32, the 48x48 ones have a bit more detail, but 32x32 is the most common. You get all formats in one file. Hope you like them.

Any suggestions for more?


14th Nov, 2003 23:25 (UTC)
What happened to your journal?? Those icons are mighty cute! =)
15th Nov, 2003 08:53 (UTC)
The part where I've not been posting much? or The images that are missing in my layout?

I've got RobWilko as the icon to My Computer and Satchel as My Documents :)
15th Nov, 2003 11:35 (UTC)
15th Nov, 2003 22:15 (UTC)
lol ok, well for one - just not felt like it, and been working.

Plus not too much to post about I guess that doesn't feel like angsty drivel..

the images - well I lost them in a server wipe :( but I should really replace them.. must get onto that.