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I'll post something of content at another time, but in lieu of that...

[Quick Matrix Review]
If you hated the second one, don't bother. If you liked the second, it rocks. If you were between the two.. well its better than the second so give it a shot.
[/Quick Matrix Review]

Other than that, that is all I shall say about it. I liked it, a lot. Better than most blockbusters I've seen, and with more depth too.

So.. other stuff. Well, when I'm bored I read Get Fuzzy, I'm sure I'm not alone in this. However I also have a habit of colouring in the strips when I'm bored, so here are some icons I made from it, mostly this week, to distract myself:

enjoy, use them at your will.. they work in MSN too. Just credit me if you use them in LJ thats all.

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