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My mum said that today, its true.. I really liked that car.

I don't think I'll type out exactly what happened right now, maybe at some other point, still feeling rather shaken up and stuff about it. Not to mention my neck and back are sore. Who's fault? I reckon he was going twice the speed limit, but then again I was pulling into his path technically... so toss a coin, I dunno what it will come out as.

Anyhow, I had the day off work today. Not only would I have been pretty useless there, I have no way of getting back from the late shifts.. so hix on them for a while. Most of today I've just crashed (no pun intended) and been pretty tired, I guess that could be concidered normal, I have no idea. I'm using some of the time to work on my novel, or at least pretend to work on it, so yay me.

Speaking of which, I have a question for anyone that has spoken to me on the phone, or who I met up with while over there. I'm setting the novel in London (a future London, but London nonetheless) and was wondering what 'englishisms' you noticed me say.. like 'cheers' for thank you, or stuff like that.

Anything you've noticed would help me get a better grounding for the dialogue, as for all I know its all just normal, so anything - however small - could help.


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4th Nov, 2003 17:48 (UTC)
call me sometime and i'll make a list :)
ummm...i'm trying to remember any phrases i found strange when i was in london...
i'll let you know if i think of any...i know there's at least 3
4th Nov, 2003 20:30 (UTC)
Only Englishisms I noticed were "Cheers" and calling bad things "naff".

Bit of a disappointment really, after reading so much Hellblazer. :) I was expecting a bunch of "all right, squire?"s and "give us a 60 pack of silk cut, luv, and shut yer bleedin' Paki gob", stuff like that. >:)
5th Nov, 2003 01:18 (UTC)
yes, well Hellblazer was written for the comics market.. so basically america.. so it HAD to have stereotypes ;)

I've not read it much, but it sounds like everyone was a bloody 'cockney sparra' how annoying.

5th Nov, 2003 09:22 (UTC)
Ah, if you haven't read it you've been missing out. Butchered English or no, Hellblazer's one of the best comics ever written.

You have to keep in mind that Constantine's about 50 years old--he speaks in the slang of his generation (the mid 70's). The series starts in the mid eighties, so he's not a fogey yet, and the slang isn't quite so dated. I think one of the major subtexts of the comic is that the world is changing around Constantine, and he isn't changing with it--he fights it, wants to pretend it's still 1976 and he's still 19 fronting a punk band and hating the system, and magic's just a way of keeping the blood pumping. John Constantine is one of the best-drawn (writing, not illustration) antiheroes in comics.

Start with the "Dangerous Habits" trade if you just want a kickass story, or "Fear and Loathing" if you want vampires and Constantine at his lowest, antiheroesque best.
5th Nov, 2003 09:33 (UTC)
heh.. I'll check it out at some point I'm sure. I heard that it kind of went to shite when he moved to the states though.. fish out of water and all that.

Plus of cource Keanu Reeves is playing him in the movie (actually not that far off the age - he's nearly 40.. so a younger Constantine.. but still).. so more americanisation of the character.. we'll see.

I need to have the money to get comics tho :/
5th Nov, 2003 10:31 (UTC)
First Nicolas Cage, then Keanu? Surely not.

But yes, it went to crap for a while when Constantine moved to America, went to prison, etc. But that's really late in the series: the comic came out in '87 and he moved to the US within the last two years (the "Hard Times" and "Good Intentions" series, which were both complete shit). And since then, thankfully, Warren Ellis got a hold of it and restored some of its dignity--his "Haunted" series was short but just great.

Yes, money is needed, though. If you were still here I'd just loan them all to you like I did the Transmet to get you caught up...I can't recommend reading the series enough to anyone who wants to write non-superhero comics.
5th Nov, 2003 09:00 (UTC)
well the one thing I noticed the most other than "cheers," and you've only said it twice; once online and once off - "bless."
5th Nov, 2003 09:20 (UTC)
ah... like "aww.. bless" yeah.. I guess thats sort of concatenated slang :) thanks.
5th Nov, 2003 11:44 (UTC)
yep! :)
5th Nov, 2003 12:24 (UTC)
well, as i already said last night, i have never heard anyone use the phrase "pilled up to the tits" before. it would probably be bleeped out several times on american tv because it just sounds naughty.
so, work that in somewhere! people love naughty sounding phrases.
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