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Do you Nanowrimo?

I do.

No it's not some bizzare sexual kink, its National Novel Writing Month.

The challange? Write one 50,000 word novel in 30 days. Yes, you read that right one month do write the whole damn thing. Quantity not quality here.


The way it works is that you submit it to them for a word count at the end of the month, and voila! thats it. Its more to promote people actually writing and putting their ideas onto paper, virtual or not, than producing the next Stephen King.. though some past winners have gone on to be published.

Its a nice idea, and I'm using it to push through my Twilight ideas into a more concrete form. Help me scult the shape of it better, and polish some of the plot holes I have atm...

Anyone care to join me? rinnywee put me onto it and is also working on her own opus, will anyone take the challenge?


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1st Nov, 2003 16:48 (UTC)
sanskatana, weetanya and mattcallow are some people I know who will be doing it.
2nd Nov, 2003 01:07 (UTC)
cool! :) This should be interesting :)
1st Nov, 2003 19:08 (UTC)
whoah...i'd do it if i had the time
2nd Nov, 2003 01:07 (UTC)
I don't have the time.. heh, but I like the idea of getting back into something messy and artistic again.

Mind you you do that a lot already! :)
2nd Nov, 2003 17:30 (UTC)
*LOL* yeeeeeah...that messy art stuff... i do that TOO much these days. i miss writing a lot. i just found my folder of my short fiction stories on my computer a few days ago....mmmmm...nostalgia smells like chicken....
oh wait...thats dinner :)
3rd Nov, 2003 00:07 (UTC)

Well get back into writing with NanoWrimo! Its the perfect excuse, the best bit beign that there are no quality expectations.
2nd Nov, 2003 11:48 (UTC)
About how many pages is 50,000 words?


200 pages? That's it? That's only a spooooky 6.66 pages a day.

Off I go!

2nd Nov, 2003 15:02 (UTC)
heh.. whoo!

I look at it by the number of words, less than 1700 a day. However I'm currently on about 1000 for two.. so um.. some catching up to do I think.
3rd Nov, 2003 08:43 (UTC)
I finished the preface yesterday. A bad time to realize you don't know anything about police procedure...
3rd Nov, 2003 11:06 (UTC)
hahaha... thats what the nanowrimo forums are for.. they have a forum that is dedicated to ppl answering questions like that :)
3rd Nov, 2003 05:35 (UTC)
I'd do it, but after a while my writing probably wouldn't make sense and it would also sound as if I was trippin on LSD.
3rd Nov, 2003 11:06 (UTC)
hehe.. well that really doesn't matter. Its about getting stuff on paper. :)
3rd Nov, 2003 11:53 (UTC)
in that case....I'll think on it some more.....
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