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Pointless Nostaligic

I think the title of this post sums up my last entry, so no more about that I think.

Being told that the cute new girl thinks that I 'look like Angel from TV' (on the CCTV). Of cource I figure she's on crack.. but hey, nice.

Finding out exactly how far I am in debt.

So yeah, rough with the smooth and all that. I'm still hoping I can go to iceland for new years.. I'm aiming at a week, so that its not just a huge waste of money. Will be great to see that beautiful place in person, and I'm really looking forward to seeing litlaskvis and giving her a great Big Greg Hug... plus seeing Snorri, Kwai, Sham, the guys at CCP.. not to mention other people... will rule.

That is IF I can raise the funds. Its a bit expensive atm.. if I can get some more cash, or drop the price by 50 pounds.. then I'm sold. Well... I'm sold already, but I can't quite actually justify doing it.

On the debt point... in theory I'll be in credit all around (nothing on cards, positive on bank account) by Jan 1st (nearly on Dec 1st, but not quite). I have a few things I have been concidering/should sell.. so that might help.

Hey if anyone wants a good home for an Epiphone Spanish Classical Guitar (nylon string) or an Electric Epiphone Gibson SG in medium blood red (inc small amp) then tell me! I'm looking about 100 GBP for each.. that would help lots.. thanks ;)

So yeah.. time to get back to the ol' work/sleep cycle.


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28th Oct, 2003 22:49 (UTC)
Why are you selling your guitars? Are you sure you can part with them? Musical instrument are very personal affairs...
29th Oct, 2003 01:59 (UTC)
well... I suck at guitar, that's why ;)

I've just been keeping them because I have this wierd dream of being able to play.. but my hands disagree..

I played for 8 years.. and STILL suck ass.
29th Oct, 2003 06:24 (UTC)
well of course that girl's on crack hun, you're much hotter than Angel.
29th Oct, 2003 17:08 (UTC)

thanks hon.. you're good for my ego, even if I think you're wrong ;)
29th Oct, 2003 18:52 (UTC)
just remember - beauty is in the eye of the 'beholder' ;)
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