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Um.. right.

Ok, many many things I SHOULD post about, however right now I'm talking about Iceland.

There is a growing movement to get me to Iceland for new years, well when I say growing... two people, but thats more than a week ago.. so it has grown. I'm not against this idea, I'd love to go.. however my one concern is money. I'd like to spend some more time out there than just a couple of days (all I'd prolly be able to get off from work) concidering the price...

Which sucks because I REALLY think its a good idea.

Why does the world revolve around money? Anyone?

Anyhow.. so thats one thing. We'll see how that works out...

Also, on the radio tonight I heard two cool icelandic bands/artists as XFM (THE 'Alternative' radio station here) was doing an Icelandic special.. they contrasted a lot in style, but both v.cool.

I hope the icelanders and the icelandophiles on my friends list will forgive me for mauling the name, but one was a rock band called.. er.. Meanus? Minous? Something in that style of kidney anyhow. Sound familar? V.heavy hardcore rock, but quite good at that (something that doesn't usually go together). And the other was a guy called Johan Johanson with a track that had the most beautiful strings in it, and a electronically filtered voice over it.. beautiful, but I have no idea what it was called.

Anyone help with any of this?


24th Oct, 2003 01:50 (UTC)
like a drive-by smore?

*has flashbacks to the slurge guns from Bugsy Malone*
24th Oct, 2003 10:30 (UTC)
mmmm...drive by s'more....i wish someone would throw s'mores at me. i'm hungry and also too lazy to make my own
24th Oct, 2003 10:31 (UTC)
oh yeah, what's a slurge gun? i don't remember that movie...
25th Oct, 2003 05:30 (UTC)
Splurge even... um.. basically the movie is a lot of kids dressed up as gansters (and its a musical) so they didn't use actual machine guns and blood (obviously) but their guns fired this .. well custard pie gunk.. at you, and if it hit you you'd been 'splurged'.

It makes a lot more sence if you see the movie.. its sooo gooood.
25th Oct, 2003 10:41 (UTC)
wow, a musical where little kids have custard guns??? why have'nt i heard of this! this is right up my alley! :D *adds it to her list*
25th Oct, 2003 15:24 (UTC)
It was an american movie, made in britain.. so it has a mixed cast, though all the leads are american. Has a v.young Jodie Foster playing the lead girl.
25th Oct, 2003 05:26 (UTC)
I'd never had smores until I had them when spending 4th July weekend at rethought's. For a start we don't have Graham Crackers here (or under that name - and for sooo long I thought they were called Gram Crackers.. silly US accents :P) and Hershey's chocolate is.. well.. nasty.

So while I did enjoy them.. I'm not sure why everyone loves them (add that to my peanut butter mystery).
25th Oct, 2003 10:45 (UTC)
they ARE called gram crackers....what do you call them? do you actually pronounce the "H"?
and oh my god!! if i ever move to the UK i need to have graham crackers and peanut butter shipped to me....(and sees candies...which is a bay area thing)
i can't live for over a few months without crunchy peanut butter....

and yes, hersheys chocolate is gross. i'll eat it when desparate....but blech...
25th Oct, 2003 15:31 (UTC)
graham and gram.. notice the spelling difference? Its there for a reason.

Gram has a hard 'a' like in 'bang' - sort of like 'ah' while graham has an extended 'a' like in bane.. more like 'ay'.

So graham is pronounced Gray'ahm. with a slight hang in inflection after the 'gray' to suggest the silent h.

I can forgive some US things because at least you spell them that way (like aluminum(US) vs aluminium(rest of the world)).. but geez come on!
26th Oct, 2003 02:11 (UTC)
have'nt you ever heard the story of "the silent H"?
no? well, i'll tell you.
once upon a time there was a group of H's who witnessed the horrible murder of Mr. magungle, who used to be a letter in the alphabet.
the murder was committed by ...Mr. X.
the group of H's was placed in the witness protection program, amongst such words as "graham" and "herb" and everyone was told not to give him away.
then some english guy came and blew their cover!
so every time an english person says "graham" or "herb" the "proper" way, the H gets shot to death and gets thrown into the east river in new york city to sleep with da fishes.
but there are other H's can still be saved by lazy americans like me!
26th Oct, 2003 04:49 (UTC)

Sadly of cource that makes more sense than the real reason of lazyness :P

26th Oct, 2003 12:48 (UTC)
of course :) i think i'll make it into a childrens book.
"why american accents are'nt lazy"
next chapter, why californians don't like pronouncing the letter "T"
26th Oct, 2003 13:58 (UTC)
the letter t?

So your comment would sound like...:

Of cource, I hink i'll make ee inno a childrens book. "Why American Accenns Arrnn Lazy" nex chapper, why californians don like pronouncing the leer ""...

26th Oct, 2003 20:40 (UTC)
*bursts ino tears*
thas how i taaaaaaaalk! waaaaaaaaah!
actually, we don't pronounce t's when theyre in the MIDDLE of words or sometimes at the END. we like them at the front of a word. and when the "t" is pronounced in the middle of a word....it's a d sound.
like mountin becomes "moun'ain" and "chapter" is "chapder"
ack, it's hard to explain. you'll just have to hear me talk sometime. you can make fun of me then. =p

28th Oct, 2003 02:18 (UTC)
hehe... well at least you KNOW you do it ;) that helps.
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