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In honour of my shirt.. tomorrow is...

International Squiggle Day

In celebration of squiggles! Why stick with the current trend of smooth lines and forms? What ever happened to chaos and random beauty? Celebrate the fabulous liquidity and chaos of squiggles!

Post your squiggles on LJ! Photos of you wearing squiggles! I want to see them squiggles people.

Tell your friends. Spread it around! In fact... sod it.. EVERY DAY is International Squiggle Day. Why stop at one day? Squiggles = Chaos so why stick to the norm? If you support squiggles and all they stand for then put this image on your journal info page and link it back to this entry:

code to use:
<a href="http://darkcryst.livejournal.com/119381.html" title="I support squiggles">
<img src="http://www.s3hosting.com/~vala-nex/squiggle/support.png" alt="International Squiggle Support"></a>

remember to post your squiggles on your journal, or here. Spread the word ppl!


( 9 comments — Leave a comment )
15th Oct, 2003 15:32 (UTC)

there's some squiggles for ya!! :~)
15th Oct, 2003 17:18 (UTC)
whoo! squiggles!

Spread the love and pass it on ;)
16th Oct, 2003 09:08 (UTC)

more squigglies!! ha.
16th Oct, 2003 14:27 (UTC)

Remember.. put the graphic in your bio page so the word is spread! :D
16th Oct, 2003 17:13 (UTC)
16th Oct, 2003 17:27 (UTC)
it's a done deal. \:D/
17th Oct, 2003 06:18 (UTC)
whoo! :D
16th Oct, 2003 15:49 (UTC)
Random comment alert!
You icon rules. Enigma's cool, so your music rules. And you have the squiggly thing too! Woo. I'll be another sheep so ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Enjoy your squiggles ;)
17th Oct, 2003 06:22 (UTC)
yaw! remember to post the image up in your journal or userinfo! Spread the word! :D

( 9 comments — Leave a comment )