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Jung Hwa Bang Jum

Ok.. so, I have absolutley no moviations to post atm, however I thought I'd do something to comemorate these guys:

Yes, that's right... them.

I got a comment about my icon that I made with them, and as I've got them up on my new webspace I thought I'd share these again, for the benefit of everyone involved:

Feel free to use them, just give me credit for the icon.

The main reason though was that thanks to a random LJ'er I found out what the song is to it and where to get it! Its called "Jung-Hwa Ban Jum" which means "Chinese Restaurant".. basically its about how they love noodles.

Yeeeah... guess that figures huh? Couldn't be about something sensible could it? nooooo.

So yes if you want the track, and you know you do, I put it up on my webspace here. There are also translated lyrics to this madness at a nifty fan site (who also don't understand copyright law, but ah well), along with the original video and two others the lads made.. scary huh?

Yes.. get your dancing korean kicks here...

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