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Um... shite.

If any of you were linking to stuff that I had on my server (vala-nex.com) and are wondering why it doesnt work... well there's a good reason.

They guy who owns the servers switched to another one.. and um, forgot to copy my stuff across before the original server owner deleted it. So.. um.. crap.

No the most useful moment in history.

Its not like I'm paying for it.. so I can't complain too much I guess, but still. Shit.

In Other News:
I have had, up to this point, a pretty darn good week, and shall write about some of the highlights at a later date. Specifically - the gig was great, and other fun happened.


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12th Oct, 2003 18:23 (UTC)
sorry 'bout the server.

Anything too hard to re-do?

12th Oct, 2003 22:33 (UTC)
umm.. I'll find out I guess. I think I have most of the important stuff backed up... but its the little things.. y'know?
13th Oct, 2003 14:33 (UTC)
cheer up hun...you'll have it back soon :) I believe it.
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