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Who wudda thunk it?

Am I HOT or NOT?

Yes its that time in my insecurity again.. I'm back up at HotorNot. Vote if you like, be honest.

I DO have a big update to give you all about the past weeks events, that'll prolly go up tomorrow night.. so you'll have to wait for real content till then ;)

nite all you LJ'ers.


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(Deleted comment)
10th Oct, 2003 05:16 (UTC)
hahahahaha... the name often gets ppl like that ;)
9th Oct, 2003 19:35 (UTC)
heh...I went to the site. And then I spent about five minutes trying to figure out how I'm older than you. Wah! I'm old. By a month. Bah.
10th Oct, 2003 05:17 (UTC)
*laughs* only a month hon!
9th Oct, 2003 21:29 (UTC)
i had to take my stuff off hotornot.com, too many freaks on there it was getting waaaaaay too weird. not the cute and sexy kind of weird like you, but ew, icky kind of weird.
10th Oct, 2003 08:15 (UTC)
haha.. I like I'm 'cute and sexy' wierd. I think thats good ;)

HotorNot is fine for me on that score tho.. its mostly guys that do the ick stuff (and that vote), so the girls on there are usually ok.
10th Oct, 2003 08:45 (UTC)
yeah i kinda gathered as much about the guys versus gals on there when i put up james' pic.
i just kept getting tons of guys clicking on the ?meet me" button (which i didn't really intend to have at all, signing up for the meet me part was an accident) and a majority of them just seemed like desperation central. it was kind of depressing afterwhile.
now i just get harrassed by icky weirdos on yahoo!
10th Oct, 2003 20:40 (UTC)
hehe.. yeah.

The annoying thing is the way they vote - if a girl is even just slightly attractive then its an 8+ but if its a guy.. then you are looking at 1-4 if you are lucky.
10th Oct, 2003 22:16 (UTC)
yeah i noticed that too.
it seems like maybe there are a bunch of insecure guys roaming that site and rating all the guys really low instead of trying to be objective about it or even just skipping ahead to the next chic.
11th Oct, 2003 12:57 (UTC)
well you can even select just to view the girls! I do that.. because I concider myself a bad judge at what makes guys attractive...
11th Oct, 2003 13:32 (UTC)
ah, man i didn't even know that.
me = doof. hehe.
13th Oct, 2003 08:07 (UTC)
lol. np, I don't think most ppl on the site know that either.

You can if you like also only few ppl that are hot.. or only ppl that are not. Tho why I don't know.
10th Oct, 2003 01:05 (UTC)
I think you're gorgeous. *blushes, then hides her face*
10th Oct, 2003 05:16 (UTC)
awwww *blusho* thanks hon!
10th Oct, 2003 07:38 (UTC)
10th Oct, 2003 05:32 (UTC)
Hot. Love the eyes... *shrugs* what can I say, i'm an eye girl.
10th Oct, 2003 05:43 (UTC)
Thanks hon!

I'm an eye guy too. Eyes and face are the first thing I notice.. and the thing that gets me hooked.

The rest is just.. a bonus.
13th Oct, 2003 00:44 (UTC)
you're hot!
here are some tacky pick up lines for your entertainment to illustrate your hotness:
is it hot in here...or is it just you?
baby you're so hot you'd make the devil sweat.
How's you're fever? Oh, i'm sorry...that's just you being HOT!
whoo! baby you're so hot you made me faint of heatstroke! i'm going to need your name and number ...for insurance reasons...
If it were'nt for that damned sun, you'd be the hottest thing ever created!
Got any sunscreen? you're burning me up!
stop drop and roll baby...cause you're on fiiiire.
13th Oct, 2003 08:03 (UTC)

cute, and yet tacky!

Thanks hon *hugs* you're good for my ego.
13th Oct, 2003 20:21 (UTC)
anytime, cutie ;)
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