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Lack of bother...

I'd like to post something of content on here, but I have absolutly nothing to say that isnt't typical LJ whining and pathetic ansgt about my life.. so I'm not posting.

I work on the - if you can't be bothered, and its not worthwhile, don't post - approach.

But yes, I am still around, doing the same things that I don't want to be doing. Just having an absolute lack of motivation to post.

However if you do feel like cheering me up a tiny bit, click my Kings of Chaos link and maybe even sign up as one of my officers. jazzy_belle did and look how powerful she is. This way I can take over the world and all shall bow before me.

Urgh... I can't even muster a *mwah* to go with that... great.


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28th Sep, 2003 11:51 (UTC)
backrubs and sympathy all around.

hope things get better

28th Sep, 2003 12:37 (UTC)
thanks hon. So do I.
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