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Thats it I QUIT....

Well sort of..

I shall elaborate a bit.. might make more sence.

I have for a while now been in search of a "proper" job. I have a very poor part time job, and frankly I hate it, and the money is crap.. but I digress. I have actually been making motions to get a proper job. I have applied to the few postions currently available, but no joy.

I recently realised why. My portfolio is crap.

Or to be more exact, there's not a lot of good stuff in it. I've got some nice stuff, but theres not enough, and most of it is old.

Which brings me to my "I QUIT" statement. I have decided to retreat from the internet. Not totally mind you.. just from the camping I have been doing. Frankly I'm an internet addict.

I'll still be running around LJ tho.. fear not. Mainly I'll just have the internet in the background.. so I'm ICQ etc.. but I won't be using it much..

Especially not IRC.. god that just kills my time. I love being a part of the eve community but I'm just going to cut it down to a few hours a week maximum.. as I do have Splinterz and Gate Central to work on through there.

So yeah.. while not quiting I'll be visible a lot less. I'll still be here though and on ICQ.. so drop me a line if needs be.


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