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Enquiring minds want to know...

Well if you filled out my poll.. now you get to know the answers to your questions!

If you didn't.. well you still can. Click here to fill in some answers, I'll get around to it asap.

choebe -- Hmm.. well I'd like to do crazier things than I do, but you need money to do most of them. Generally I just embarass myself with my utter ineptitude..

jennanne -- I used to have my right nipple pierced, but took it out while I was in the states as it still wasn't healing well.

fullofwhispers -- Because of exactly that, what we've been through. And you're the bestest ;)

archaicangel -- What I'd like to be doing is creating my own stories, on TV or film. Animated or live action.. I don't care which.

jazzy_belle -- Usually, but not always.

mslilly -- I don't keep a tally. er.. when I feel like it?

miriammiriam -- Because the US thinks it has the worlds best food (hah!) and because we definatly don't, but we also have great food as well. You probably went to somewhere that was a cheap student place.. we have looooads of them.

rethought -- Its the display method (well.. the file is sorted differently too.. but yeah) interlaced means that it will display progressively (also hence 'progressive' jpeg) as it loads. Technically this means you can make out what the image is before it loads. However in GIF's there isn't a lot of point anymore as they are so small normally. So yes, interlaced basically means that they display every other line (like in a TV) so you see it faster as it loads. Its a little more technical than that, but I think that answers your question.

cmpriest -- With me to help you.. you'll go far ;) Of cource you will be, and on your own terms too I hope.

litlaskvis -- That you are cute sexy and funny, and that we'd get on really well in real life.

xoseemzxo -- Never met one, so I can't say, but I think whale song is great.

EDIT - oh yeah click on my link to help me take over the world! Or sign up as my officer and help conquer it with me! :) Distressingly few of you have done so *cries*


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25th Sep, 2003 05:45 (UTC)
*murf* thanks ::blush::

wanna hear a joke since i am so funny?

who apple and who apple tree, climbed up in a tree, and who was it that climbed up in the tree?

who appletree :D

it really is funny! i promise! but it is only funny when i say it in icelandic with my cartoon voice... oh well :D
25th Sep, 2003 05:54 (UTC)

Well that was so random and goofy it did make me smile ;)

I was listening to Snorri on Icelandic radio (er.. FM957 I think??) and it was funny listening to Snorri and the presenter put on english accents.

I didn't understand a word of the rest of it, but it seemed to go well :)
25th Sep, 2003 05:56 (UTC)
i missed that (i never listen to the radio anyways...) but i did see him TWICE on TV last night :o) it was so funny!
25th Sep, 2003 06:04 (UTC)
hehe cool! what was it for?
25th Sep, 2003 06:10 (UTC)
it was an advertisement for his stand up tour :o) two separate ones :D
25th Sep, 2003 11:17 (UTC)

I want him to come back to London.. I was very upset I missed his Grand Day Out *sniffle*
25th Sep, 2003 15:59 (UTC)
i am going to see him again. he just gave me and mio tickets to his show :D
love that guy, he is SO funny!
26th Sep, 2003 01:16 (UTC)
OOOoooo *jealous*
25th Sep, 2003 11:29 (UTC)
thanks, honey...I 'preciate

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