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The Mouse Is Dead...

Long Live the Mouse!

To those of you that have voted in my poll... I thank you and your answers will be coming soon, to those of you that haven't GO DO IT RIGHT NOW.. or... or.. I'll make a sad face!


So last night I had a slight problem, well.. a major computing problem.

My mouse died. Computer mouse that is. Its been a long road for it (well.. only 4 years I guess) but it started flaking out a bit last month, just after I got back actually. It finally died completley on me last night.

As fullofwhispers and jazzy_belle can attest to how narked off I was getting having to navigate Windows using just the keyboard. Its doable, and once you get into the swing of it quite easy.. but not the fastest thing in the world.

Anyhow, even after some radical surgery by myself (or maybe especially after..) the mouse was still not working. So I resigned myself to getting a new mouse. These things aren't cheap. At least optical ones aren't.. and being a design nazi/graphics nerd/computer ponce I can't go back to a mouse ball.. urgh.. no.

Anyhow.. I eventually justified the expense by geting the nice and shiny Wireless InteliMouse Explorer for BlueTooth. This thing not only is pretty and accurate - it also comes with its own bluetooth reciever, so not only it can connect to my PC but any BlueTooth thing I may get in the future can too! Yes, yes.. its how I justify the fucking £70 the damn thing costs, so shaddup :P

Behold its Blueness..

As you can see it is purrdy, and has a glowing doohicky (the transeiver) with it. Goes quite well with my black monitor and purple keyboard I think.

What do you think?


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24th Sep, 2003 11:07 (UTC)
24th Sep, 2003 12:45 (UTC)
oooohhhhhh.... aaaahhhhh!!! :)
24th Sep, 2003 19:35 (UTC)
cool mouse
*hums* something something....rhymes with daaangerous...here we are nooooow, entertain us......something something....
cool mouse
but now you have "smells like teen spirit" stuck in my head =p
25th Sep, 2003 01:39 (UTC)
Re: cool mouse
When the light's out its less dangerous, here we are now, entertain us.. I'll feel stupid.. and contaigious.. here we are now, entertain us.

A mulato, an albino, a mosquito, my libido!

A denial... a denial... a denial.. a deniiiiaaaalllll....

*ahem* listen to Nevermind and Bleach much have I? noo.....
Tori Amos' cover version of that is incredible as well btw.
24th Sep, 2003 20:04 (UTC)
I like your profile pictures. I found your journal through another person I've been talking to on his comments section. Very cool setup.

25th Sep, 2003 01:36 (UTC)
Thanks! :)

Who were you talking to? *is all intregued* Always happy to meet new people on here, I think I've met some of the coolest so far :)
25th Sep, 2003 01:40 (UTC)
junkebunk is his name. are you familiar with him? I think he's how I found you.
25th Sep, 2003 02:24 (UTC)
Ahh yes I do indeed know him :)

Met him in person earlier this year when I was in the states. Pretty cool guy... even if he's deluded into thinking hes Dutch ;)
25th Sep, 2003 02:31 (UTC)
heh....I just found that he used to live not too far from my hometown. I found him because he's friends with another lj friend of mine and he likes the band Remy Zero. I've been chatting back and forth through lj message posting, but it's all cool.
25th Sep, 2003 05:28 (UTC)
Remy Zero are pretty cool.

Admitedly I've only heard the song they did for Smallville, but that was v.cool.

Their lead singer looks a bit like Billy Corgan crossed with Spider Jerulsalem!
25th Sep, 2003 00:03 (UTC)
oddly enough i was buying a moue today as well and looked at that very mouse. Ended up deciding I didnt need the wireless and got a reg mouse instead.
25th Sep, 2003 05:35 (UTC)
wierd coincidence that!

Yeah.. well I didn't want just the regular optical with the two buttons and feels like a puck. I thought I may as well get an Explorer style one.

This was only £10 more expensive than the Explorer.. and that was £10 more than a regular optic.. so I thought it was worth it.

Wireless is so much better.. oh lord, even only using it for a day. Its like Optical.. unless you've used it you really don't realise the difference, and you'd be loathe to go back.
25th Sep, 2003 01:36 (UTC)
Ooo...quite the purty mouse ya gots there, mister!
25th Sep, 2003 02:21 (UTC)
yup.. its even prettier when you can see the chrome bit around the mouse wheel :D
25th Sep, 2003 02:36 (UTC)
blue in all its glory
is it wrong to get aroused looking at it?

your mouse puts mine to shame..

*other shoe drops* you have a purple keyboard?!??
25th Sep, 2003 05:32 (UTC)
Re: blue in all its glory
Lol yes I do.

Its translucent purple, and with black keys too!

Plus its got all those wierd extra buttons that you can set up and I never use.

And no its not wrong, I wish it had that effect on women that lived closer to me! ;)
25th Sep, 2003 09:23 (UTC)
Mmmm, uber mouse.

*wishes to have enough money to buy the same*
( 17 comments — Leave a comment )