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Oh dear god...

what have I done... what have I done...

I upgraded to Kings Of Chaos Age 2. Once more the madness starts...

Click my link, sign-up as my officer.. help me whoop some ass. Spread you link around and whoop ass with me!

Then you can go around saying...




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23rd Sep, 2003 16:38 (UTC)
ok.. picking my username was so much fun..
does RaccoonRage summon fear into your heart?

when are we gonna beat up guys named GollemzMyBiatch???

(note: riiight.. he has a dead mouse to deal with first...)
24th Sep, 2003 10:02 (UTC)
Re: ok.. picking my username was so much fun..
we'll do that soon, concentrate on getting people to click your link, and you'll get stronger and more cash. Then spend the cash on stuff and we'll go around bashing ppl :D
23rd Sep, 2003 19:04 (UTC)
whats kings of chaos 2? and what does signing up as an officer require? do i have to kill anyone?
24th Sep, 2003 10:00 (UTC)
You might kill some of their soldiers.

KoC Age 2 (so.. like, version 2) is a web based 'strategy' game.

What that basically means is that you build up an army, and your base, and then attack and spy on people. Check out the web site at the link above for more info.

Being an officer means that you'd be listed as my officer, and so we'd have a relationship in game. You can get people to sign up to you as officers, and click your link so you get more soldiers.

Its all free, so no worries there.

Basically the stronger your officers, the stronger you are (ish.. you can still be weaker than your officers)
24th Sep, 2003 01:15 (UTC)
Just chiming in...
..after finding your LJ via the lovely "random" feature.

Always like to tell people when I find them amusing...well..I find you amusing.

Just had to say that.

Carry on!
24th Sep, 2003 12:52 (UTC)
Re: Just chiming in...
haha.. thanks :)

This is a good thing right?.. right? ;)

I found that quite amusing too, so thanks, I need that when I'm ill :)
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