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Hi, my name is Barry White...

Or at least I sound like an asthmatic version this morning anyhow.

I have a sore throat and feel pretty crappy. If it was just the crappy part I'd go into work, but as I can barely speak without a) pain and b) sounding like a bad b-movie villain.. I called in to work.

They were cool with it, which is good. I guess the job basically does involve talking all the time, so if my throat is screwed what good am I? Still... it was supposed to be a 9hr shift today.. crap. Ah well.

Time to down the throat sweets I think...


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23rd Sep, 2003 01:54 (UTC)
Hope you feel better.
23rd Sep, 2003 01:57 (UTC)
omg... you're still up? OR did you wake up early??

*concerned face*
23rd Sep, 2003 01:59 (UTC)
I went to bed before you. ;)
23rd Sep, 2003 02:01 (UTC)

Yeah you did.. about 2 hours before.

Shush.. I'm tired :P ;)
23rd Sep, 2003 02:04 (UTC)
go back to bed
23rd Sep, 2003 12:22 (UTC)
jump on the band wagon..lemme give you a hand.
jebus, does everyone have a burly man, barry white-esque voice?
24th Sep, 2003 10:01 (UTC)
Re: jump on the band wagon..lemme give you a hand.
well I have deepish voice anyhow, but if I have a bad throat or just get woken wierdly.. I have a cross between barry white and a monster as a voice...
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