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My day was just started and I got kicked in the balls... figuratively that is.

But I'll get onto that in a moment.

Last night I was entertained by my friend Paula, with her new girl, at her place. He was fretting as she has a performance soon and isn't sure how her material is (she’s a poet/performer.. and has recently started writing songs). I said I'd be happy to listen to her stuff.

She’s very good.

Her songs were extremely good. They're called Sleepwalking, Smarties, and Lonely Girl (or Gril as she miswrote it "Lonely Grill, why do you fry..."). All very, very good, even if she’s only managed to record the music hissily onto a 4 track. I'm going to try and lug my computer around to hers and record + mix them properly to CD for her.

So it was fun :)

However this morning.. not so good. It wasn't the morning, no for early mornings do not phase me. Mornings leave me in the save state, and I get into the swing of things. No you see I was driving to work and about halfway there...

...a squirrel ran out in front of me.

I swerved, missing it with the front tires. I thought YES! Thank god for that.. but then...


Back tires... shit.
I felt sick, seriously, really ill all the way to work. The adrenalin was still in me, and i left a nasty edge to my morning that I've only just managed to shake off. So.. yes, think of that squirrel. Give it a moment in your thoughts, as it has none itself any longer...



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18th Sep, 2003 08:08 (UTC)
Ugh... I hate when I kill something with my car. Even if it is just a rat.

Poor Squirrel... hope it wasn't Foamy.
18th Sep, 2003 10:52 (UTC)
yeah, this was the first thing I've killed too :(

well.. except for flies.

I think Foamy is a bit cleverer than my squirrel. Mine ran out so I barely saw it before I could swerve.
18th Sep, 2003 09:47 (UTC)
oh man i really feel for ya.
i feel so sick after accidentally killing something with my car. i nearly put my truck in a ditch trying to avoid any animals.
the most horrible thing i kill with my car made me sick for days, it was a baby rabbit. :'(
18th Sep, 2003 10:53 (UTC)
yeah.. this was the first thing I've hit too.. urgh. I've seen many dear in the headlights, but they get bored with standing there after a few seconds.

This was a young squirrel too (it was only small.. not a bay, but small)

18th Sep, 2003 11:55 (UTC)
Aww no! I feel your ickyness, m'dear. Same thing happened to me once with a bird. There was no way of *not* hitting him, he flew onder the car at the wrong moment. I "felt" the squish, and cried all the way to work, all the time my ex-husband looking at me like I was a freak, saying "It was just a bird, Louise". 0_o

18th Sep, 2003 16:39 (UTC)
Yeah.. I hate people that say 'it's just a..' whatever.

Yeah.. ok, how about I run into some people? What? Its just a mini-metaller in their Kurdt Kobain top.. whaaat?

Yeah, thought you see that differently. Asshole.

Pfft. Ah well.
18th Sep, 2003 22:41 (UTC)
i watched a squirrel get run over right in front of me when i was walking home last year. it was really sad :( and then it started raining, very appropriately.
at least you thought about it though. so many things die at the hands of people who are more concerned about finding a parking spot.
19th Sep, 2003 07:27 (UTC)
Yeah, its sad when believing that because things are alive they deserve respect makes you a seeming minority.
19th Sep, 2003 10:41 (UTC)
true dat
19th Sep, 2003 01:44 (UTC)
Then you understand why he's my *ex* husband ;)
21st Sep, 2003 02:29 (UTC)
heh.. yeah ;)

I can just imagine...

"Jesus... they're just fish"
21st Sep, 2003 12:37 (UTC)
hahahahahah! Touche, Mr Greg!
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