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So yes...

Has anyone noticed LJ is taking ages to actually forward comment e-mails to you? Its usually pretty quick, but today its been REALLY slow. *shrugs* anyhow...

For those that are interested, myself and shineyquarterAvi are no longer a couple. I didn't make a big thing of it when it happened, mostly because we aren't making a big thing about it. We're still great friends, and so there it is. It was more that the words got said than one thing, as I guess both of us have known for a while and not really said anything.

But yes, thought I'd get that out in the open.

In Other News:

Fear The Gadget King!
There was a competition over the weekend - whoever, from all the shops in the region, sold the most Sharper Image stuff would get one of their Power Tower CD Racks! Guess who won? ME! *does a little dance* Now I have a cool as hell motorised cd tower... and nowhere to put it. I may sell it though, its worth £100-150 (depending on where you shop).

I Am A Puny Human!
Yes indeed, I'm up there on Warren Ellis' site, and I have good company - In the form of cmpriest and galateadia. Fear how much we rock ;)

So yes, there are other things, but not this time. Talk to you all later...

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