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So yes...

Has anyone noticed LJ is taking ages to actually forward comment e-mails to you? Its usually pretty quick, but today its been REALLY slow. *shrugs* anyhow...

For those that are interested, myself and shineyquarterAvi are no longer a couple. I didn't make a big thing of it when it happened, mostly because we aren't making a big thing about it. We're still great friends, and so there it is. It was more that the words got said than one thing, as I guess both of us have known for a while and not really said anything.

But yes, thought I'd get that out in the open.

In Other News:

Fear The Gadget King!
There was a competition over the weekend - whoever, from all the shops in the region, sold the most Sharper Image stuff would get one of their Power Tower CD Racks! Guess who won? ME! *does a little dance* Now I have a cool as hell motorised cd tower... and nowhere to put it. I may sell it though, its worth £100-150 (depending on where you shop).

I Am A Puny Human!
Yes indeed, I'm up there on Warren Ellis' site, and I have good company - In the form of cmpriest and galateadia. Fear how much we rock ;)

So yes, there are other things, but not this time. Talk to you all later...


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(Deleted comment)
17th Sep, 2003 23:31 (UTC)
Posted more than once too! :P

3 times the Greg ;)
(Deleted comment)
17th Sep, 2003 15:22 (UTC)
I chuckled lots :)

Actually it was Brandi that pointed it out to me, I didn't hink he would have updated so fast! :)
17th Sep, 2003 19:58 (UTC)
i think its fan-freakin-tastic that the three of us are puny humans together! when i took a look at it i nearly died laughing that cherie was on one side of me and you were down below me*.

*damn it man! get your mind out of the gutter!
17th Sep, 2003 23:32 (UTC)
*laughs* hey you think of these things first. I wasn't even going there till I read the footnote :P

22nd Sep, 2003 15:54 (UTC)
*big hugs*
sorry to hear that :(

just thought i'd check your journal out.. nice layout! (don't know how new it is, but its different from the last time I looked)

I know how you feel about the squirrel, i ran over a badger the other day :/ its such a horrible feeling, but maybe one day they'll learn not to run out infront of cars! hmm, sorry, that's the most sensitive of things to say, but there's not much that can be said i guess.

*bows to the gadget king* very very impressive :D xx
22nd Sep, 2003 16:43 (UTC)
hehehe... thanks hon. The 'new' layout is kinda old actually.. I still have my friends page in the same style as my old scheme tho.

One day I'll prolly recode this journal to be better coded. Its a bit of a botch atm ;)
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