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One of those days...

It feels like one of those days, and I haven't even started work yet. Grrreat.

I work 1:30-10:30pm tonight, fair enough. I wish I had more comfortable shoes for it though, ah well.

Lots of things are on my mind right now, not least is that one of our cats is being put down today. Her name is Suzie, and is the mother of the remaining cat, Kizzy. She's quite old, but was doing fine until recently when she started bloating up. Turns out its most probably the fluid form of the thing that killed her son many years ago - Feline Infectious Peritonitis(sp?).

Which sucks. Kizzy is just goofing around and doesn't seem to notice that Suzie isn't about right now, but we'll see how that goes. In a way I'm glad because she wasn't having a good time of things, and if the vet recomends it then.. well, she's got to have got worse while there right?


Hopefully work will take my mind off of things, its not just the Suzie thing thats got me down lately, there's quite a lot of other stuff bouncing around in my head atm, and I've having trouble focusing on stuff because of it. *sigh* ah well, 9 hours on my feet here I come...

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