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I've had a long established love of not just the vampire genre, but of the mythos. I'd quite like to string up the staff of whitewolf across a large barbed wire fence with flaming pokers stuffed into their flacid, flabby stomachs, as dogs chewed on thier toes and deficated in their mouths. All whilst I covered them in the offal left over from when I ground Anne Rice into a small pulp several hours previously after subjecting her to Queen Of The Damned for several days.

There would be a sound to acompany all this.. it would be me going -

And then as their last breath dribbled out of their wheezing corpses I would stuff their entire catalogue of purile, diluted, half-arsed, idiot ridden GARBAGE down their throats.

I like the idea of a vampire roleplay game but not, and this is the important part, at the expense of the vampires. Damnit.. ah well. Anne Rice of course can't be blamed for her legions of fandom. She can be blamed for her largely ASS output though.

Ah well.. proper post soon, I promice.


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8th Sep, 2003 08:10 (UTC)
My dream job is still being an illustrator for White Wolf though. (Since TSR is gone, sad, sad times.)
8th Sep, 2003 09:05 (UTC)
well TSR is still there, but in name only really. Their latest output was pretty good tho I have to say.

WhiteWolf have well produced garbage, don't get me wrong, its very pretty, and the have great aesthetics.. but I hate how they force this dumbed down mythos on people, and then claim its original.
8th Sep, 2003 10:54 (UTC)
Now, see, I really, really like the Vampire Chronicles. I like her vampires better than the traditional ones. I will admit that Queen of the Damned was only OK, as was Tale of the Body Thief and Memnoch the Devil sucked big time. However, Interview and Lestat are both great, IMHO. As are the ones that followed the shit, such as Armand and Pandora.

Of course, I guess it just depends. If you want to think of vampires in the traditional way, then you wouldn't like the Vampire Chronicles.

Never read Bram Stoker's Dracula, but I did see the movie and it bored me to tears. I still want to read the book, just haven't got around to it, yet.
8th Sep, 2003 17:32 (UTC)
oh god.. the vampires in Anne Rice are traditional, they are traditional to the point of being bland and purile.

Interview and Lestat aren't bad, but the rest of her stuff is awful.. urgh.

Dracula is good, but its a bit wordy and dense, kinda like LoTR in that way. A very classic style of writing.

Anyhow, all that is just a watered down version of the classic nosferatu western myth. Everyone forgets the like.. 200 other versions of the mythos. ah well...
8th Sep, 2003 23:54 (UTC)
hahaha! Fabulous cartoon, and all too true ;)
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