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Ok, so... I'm rather tired right now, and its not quite 1pm.

Whats up with that?

At 2pm I start the training at The Gadget Shop in Lakeside. Yay. I am less than excited. Don't get my wrong, I'm glad of the work and hense.. money, but I still feel kind of 'uurrrrghh' about this job. Part of it is because I currently feel like I haven't slept, but most of it isn't.

I never liked retail work. Never. I don't like the falseness of it, I want to scream at shoppers "Buy something now or get the fuck out of my store!" I don't want to have to put myself on stage like that all the time - because thats essencially what you have to do. I can't stand the buzz of the customers.. is like a powerdrill in my skull.

I think its because I'm a generally quiet person. I mean sure, as anyone that has known me more than 10 minutes will tell you, I can be loud and performancy.. but its not my base state. I prefer to sit back and observe, tinker, and create.. when things get hectic I start to get that trapped animal feeling.

I'm getting it now, and perhaps that is just because I'm winding myself up before the fact. I may have a great time, but having seen the Gadget Shop - even though it looks like great fun with cool people there - its not what I want to have to spend any real time doing. I would have loved it if it was my job back in Uni though, but as its going to be my job.. I dunno, it feels different.

Meh... I need to get ready.


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28th Aug, 2003 05:08 (UTC)
Test all gadgets on the biggest idiot on the staff. In front of shoppers. They´ll love you. And get me a gadget for Christmas. Thanks.
28th Aug, 2003 05:11 (UTC)
haha... that actually seems to be one of the job requirements.

When I was there last the regional manager was shooting people walking past the shop with the Airzooka :)
28th Aug, 2003 05:16 (UTC)
OMG how cool. But make sure you only shoot bimbo looking 16 year old girls or something. :D
28th Aug, 2003 12:43 (UTC)
*Laughs* no shortage of them in Lakeside - Mecca of Essex.

Actaully he was targetting big rugby style blokes and getting their bare legs.

That and shooting people over the balcony on the floor below :D
28th Aug, 2003 12:50 (UTC)
"I want to scream at shoppers "Buy something now or get the fuck out of my store!"

*roflmao* I tend to say this in my mind countless times a day. All part & parcel of retail hell ^_^

Good luck with the job though!
28th Aug, 2003 17:12 (UTC)
i always want to tell people to buy something or get out whenever i'm working at the gift shop at the theatre...mostly because theyre all snobs or idiots or both...last week i got this lovely conversation with a woman who i think might have been drunk....

lady: "so, is this a modern version of hamlet?"
me: "actually, it's "measure for measure" "
lady: "oh okay. so is this a modern version?"
me: "yes"
lady: "do you have wolves in this theatre?" (outdoor theatre)
me:"no, why?"
lady: "i heard something in the bushes and i don't want to get eaten when i walk to my car"
me: "oh...you're leaving already? it's only intermission, you know."
lady: "well i don't like this version of Hamlet"
28th Aug, 2003 18:32 (UTC)

See when I was at brentwood theatre my next line to that would have been "You're not the sharpest razor here are you? Its not hamlet.. see those posters? DO THEY SAY HAMLET? No? Didn't think so. Tell you what.. go home and watch friends."

31st Aug, 2003 21:13 (UTC)
Ooooh! oooh! yay! *excited*
Now we can say to you in annoyed, but envious tones:
"where does he get all those marvelous toys?"
1st Sep, 2003 09:45 (UTC)
Re: Ooooh! oooh! yay! *excited*
ahahahahahahaha! yes!
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