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Tra la la...

I swear the guys at penny-arcade are starting to lose their grip on reality.

Tycho seems to be infering that everyone who owns a GameCube owns a GBA, and that well.. if you don't own a GBA what kind of freak are you? In Tycho and Gabes little world I guess everyone spends the sort of cash on computer games that they do.. oh wait, they get a lot of it for free... hmmm..

I've started to enjoy Penny Arcade a lot less lately. Mainly because Gabe's ego seems to be attaining the size of a blue whale faster than you can say 'promotional gifts'... but also they really haven't been funny in far too long. Tycho's news posts/rants are usually still worth the read, but the strip - while artistically getting better and better - is really left wanting.

My reasoning for it? They aren't living in the same world as the rest of us any more. They both make enough from PA to tide them over month to month, so their comentary and the urgency of the strip is lost. Well done them, but that doesn't make good comedy.

Or maybe I take the funnies too seriously.

Greg's Notes for Today -
Getting to bed at 8am isn't a good thing for the rest of your day.
Job interview/orientation tomorrow at 2pm... wish me luck.
Yay for the fabulous cmpriest cheering me up with bribes of manuscript form.

Things to do.... so little brain power to do them with...


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26th Aug, 2003 08:38 (UTC)
possibly more geeky
You can never, never take the funnies too seriously...

Actually it's Gabe that's doing all the implying. Actually he came right out and said "if you don't have three friends with GBAs then I suggest you get some new fucking friends". I don't take it personally of course; even if he's not just kidding, he's just some guy on a screen who draws nice pictures and doesn't get out much.

I used to appreciate Tycho's imperious tone more back when he was nobody. He knew he was nobody, and the irony of his axiomatic, from-the-mountain tone made his posts really funny. Now that he's somebody, it's hard to remember that. But you know, what do you do? His posts haven't really changed, just the context in which they are delivered--instead of two sweaty geeks in their basement delivering out the smackdowns, it's...something else. Think of the scene from the movie "Wayne's World" where they air their first sponsored show.

::shrug:: I dunno.
26th Aug, 2003 20:08 (UTC)
Re: possibly more geeky
Oh yeah.. but then anything Gabe writes that is opinion based is usually wank anyhow. He is a bit of an overly compensating geek with talent.. passive agressive gimpage.

And its not Tycho's tone in that respect that I find a problem.. its more the content, just seems to be detached these days.

Like movie stars talking about 'real life' sure its real to them.. for a given value of real, y'know?
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