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Waffle for the digital age...

I have created a second journal.

Don't worry, I'm still keeping this one. In fact it may help me develop this one more.
I'll explain...

Since I've got back form the states, and in act a bit before then, I've had a bit of a posting drought. I'm sure you've noticed this. I never wanted this journal to be a diary anyhow, but its been a bit off anyhow. Also there are some things that I don't think belong in this journal. Opinion pieces that don't really have any relevance here, or that serve no purpose being posted in my personal journal.

Specifically things that are geeky pseudo informative things. I have a very low geek quotient in my friends on here, and I think that is probably a good thing. I can get geeky enough by myself. So this new journal is designed to inform and provoke discussion on these kind of issues. Like design issues, or web code issues. Photoshop musings perhaps. Things that have no real place here.

I tend to think of these things on and off, and invariably they interrupt posts I was going to make, like the fabled religion post that I keep saying I'm going to write for example. So the new journal is a place to think about these things, and act as a discussion resource for people.

You see while I will be posting most of the articles I'd like people to contribute, be it an idea, or a whole article. I'd act as a kind of editor in that case I guess. Its not a community, as it's supposed to be centred around things that are on my mind in that area, but its open to input. I know that most of you may not be interested, but maybe people you know might be.

Anyhow.. the new journal is called digitalwaffle. Hopefully it will work out.


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(Deleted comment)
23rd Aug, 2003 01:59 (UTC)

and many more vowels.

I'd LOVE that :)
22nd Aug, 2003 16:20 (UTC)
All those things are parts of you though and I never noticed anything out of place. Many non-geeks love geeks. Just be yourself, whatever you do!
<3 ya!
23rd Aug, 2003 08:50 (UTC)
heh.. thanks hon *hugs*

Naw, its just I know that the things I'll type out in that journal would disrupt the flow here, and... well... it would be a tad pointless to post them.
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