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Wierdness In Punk

Honey Bane

Ever heard of her? She was a rising star in the punk world in the 70's and even was know in the early 80's. Her EP 'Girl On The Run' was a critical and commercial (for punk) success. Basically she was as famous as a punk gets while still being a punk. And you know what?

My dad gave her her name.

He used to know her (as did my mother) and he gave her the name when she was trying to work out a name with attitude that still had that sugar factor. Honey Bane it was. Its kind of wierd.

I remember that she came around my house about.. seven years ago or so. I didn't really pay much attention at the time, I was in my mid-teens, I had better things to do. Which is my loss I guess. I'd quite like to find some mp3's of hers if I could.. see if she's any good, I guess she was ok. My mother hated the music.. so really thats a good sign.

She was more famous than most of the bands she was in, often they would be marketed as Honey Bane, even if there was a different name to the band. Records's of hers go from $4-30 to collectors, depending on the issue and title. It's amazing what you can find if you google someone.

There's a really cool image from the back of her 'You can Be You' single that I'd quite like to get on a t-shirt, its just standard punk style ransom letters, but the text is pretty cool, it actually means something - even to todays 'punks' - and I like the look of it.

You think you know your parents and then they pull something like this out.


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(Deleted comment)
21st Aug, 2003 17:48 (UTC)
I don't know who Hall and Oates are... but the Led Zeppelin thing is pretty damn cool.

I know my dad used to live in the same road as Eric Clapton and used to see him down the shops.

Parents eg? :D

You never know... one day my kids might go.. "You know Cherie Priest? THE Cherie Priest??" hehe..
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