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New matrix trailer

There's a new matrix trailer out for Revolutions. Whoo!

Hopwever it seems that most of the world is trying to download it, couple that with the awful worm traffic that is doubling internet traffic atm.. most people can't get it.

This is how many people are acting I'm sure. However the site I volunteer for has mirrored the large version of the trailer - MatrixGate if you are interested.

Real post to come soon I promise, just sorting out a few things this end before I sit down and write.


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21st Aug, 2003 11:58 (UTC)
lol... teh sad part is, I know a few people who actually DO look like that right now. lol
21st Aug, 2003 17:16 (UTC)
Direct them to my site - MatrixGate.net we're mirroring the download :)

Aren't we nice? :D
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