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So I'm back in the Uk. Safe and sound.

However.. my computer and my parents computer wasn't.

Theres a nasty worm virus going around that all you have to do it to be on the net to get it, or conected to a network that can be traced from the net.

the 'Blaster' worm exploits an error that could (in theory) allowing complete control by an outside user...

You get 'RPC' errors that cause your PC to restart with a countdown timer.. thats the only visual side effect, but a very annoying one.

This is the Symantec (Norton) security release about it, and the MS one-

The Windows XP patch to stop it happening again -

A removal tool if you think you have it (takes a while to complete) -

Its a pretty nasty litte worm that is screwing up computers all over the net right now... so now you know how to fix/protect yourself from it.

Another fix to stop thje rebooting (but not the vunerabliity) is the following:

  • Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.
  • Under 'Services' find the 'Remote Procedure Call' option, then right click then go to Properties.
  • Under Properties, go to the Recovery tab, you'll see a series of options listed as "At First failure..." "At Second Failure..." etc. Change the options to "Take No Action" or "Restart The Service" instead of the the default "Reboot the Computer"
    option, and you shouldn't have to reboot again.

  • Remember you should install the patch anyway.

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