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The Reason I Don't Ever Touch The Family Computer.

I have my own computer, this is a good thing. The rest of the family has one too, downstairs.

I almost never touch it.

With good reason mind you. Being the only person in the house with a decent level of computer knowledge, (ie I know how to use programs other than Microsoft Office) if I touch the computer I must have done something to it.

Well obviously I generally don't, but yet all its problems are my fault. Its a P3 500 that is clunking under the strain of the fact its not been cleared out, or had anything deleted in the last two years. When I last did it never again).

Today I wanted to print off a few Eve-Online ship shots as reference material for the drones in the spin off game I'm helping to produce, Splinterz. I copied them to disk (301k for 11 images, remember this fact) and went to print them off downstairs, as my printer is well.. crap.

I copy them off and print them, while I'm doing this I notice that the computer is rather slow.. so I check the good old Disk Cleanup proggy in Windows.. 150mb of temporary internet files.

I'm surprised its not more.

Anyhow, knowing that they aren't used, I delete them. It free's up space and should make windows run a bit faster.
About 20 mins later my sister uses the computer, and complains that it is slow.

This, of cource, is my fault.

let me just remind you... 150mb > 301k.. or am I going mad here?

I point this out.. but no. It's my "huge images that are cluttering up the system."

*le sigh*

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