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7th Aug, 2003

Ok... sometimes you wonder what possed someone to create something.

The game Frontal Assault is such an item.

Basically you can think of it like Dance Dance Revolution, but rather than hitting directions to match the icons you have to.. wait for it...

...make a pair of breasts bounce or rotate in the correct fashion.

It doesn't require installing, its just a folder, so I tested it out.. and you know what?

Its actually quite an addictive game! Its rediculous concept is so silly as to render it kind of transparent.. and you end up thinking seriously "hmmm how to I get them to rotate in oposite directions at the same time?" Its not as if its a naked busom after all.. its bikini clad.. so that must make it almost tastful right?


Yeah ok.. I know.. I'll get my coat.

But seriously.. download it, its hilarious and addictive fun.


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7th Aug, 2003 12:40 (UTC)
it seems to require alot of ram though. oh well. very interesting. :)
7th Aug, 2003 12:43 (UTC)
64mb? not really a lot anymore I'm afraid... most new games want that as an absolute minimum.
7th Aug, 2003 12:45 (UTC)
oh no, i know, but on my little laptop, it doesn't like me to play it when any other programs are up. :)
7th Aug, 2003 12:53 (UTC)
ahhh heh.. yeah that makes sence :)
7th Aug, 2003 18:59 (UTC)
Silly, ha you guy you...check my post, I have invited you and others you know to a party!
7th Aug, 2003 19:11 (UTC)
Re: Cute
responded. Yay for parties! :)

btw... if you like that game check out this two little timewasters -

7th Aug, 2003 19:55 (UTC)
Re: Cute
The dismount ones are pretty wild. But fun. They need to work on the dynamics of the human body some, but I imagine that would raise the complexity level alot. Pretty cool nonetheless
7th Aug, 2003 20:17 (UTC)
Re: Cute
Its more that they used a simple IK model for the person. It doesn't quite have all the constraints of movement that the human body does. And its also not that complex a model.

Mind you it would be breaking some of the joints and bones from the damage they occur.. so perhaps that is the best solution overall.

Its a pretty basic but very effective illustration of the 'ragdoll' systems that have been seen in many modern games (like UT2003, or Rainbow Six for example).
7th Aug, 2003 22:19 (UTC)
Re: Cute
yeah. Thats kinda what I was referring to. To model the points of restraint of the human body and how much pressure those points can take etc, would really push the complexity forward. It will come , I am sure of that.
8th Aug, 2003 08:16 (UTC)
Re: Cute
well you could do it, and in fact people do do it, but to be honest 'realistic' portrayal doesn't need it. All you'd need is a variable limiter on the joint.. and then an IF statement (ie if larger than this force.. let it go past this point).

And thats the cheating way of doing it. The IK systems they had on Shrek would run in a game (though not the skin dynamics, or rather the detail of the skin using those dynamics) its just that it takes time to produce, and while in a movie its important, in a game it is much less important to get it correct, as opposed to looking correct.

Its less that it is too comple
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