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Ok, so the job at Mars Interactive is kaput.

This basically is because there was a specific time frame that they needed me to start by. While it looked likley that I would be able to start then, the visa fun meant that it couldn't be guarenteed. So I was a risk they couldn't take. Great huh?

I'm depressed and angry, well duh... no surprises there. Powell was really nice about the whole thing and I know he wanted me to work there... he aparently spent a large part of the weekend trying to talk Jay out of it.. but no luck there. I understand the reasons for it, so no real blame.. I'm just pissed off that after the good news of the earlier visa apointment and I was getting my hopes up.. *smack* thou shalt not have hope young man...

So I'm heading home. Great. Back to the Uk.. where I have zero chance of a job that pays actual money, and less chance than that of actually finding a place to live that isn't my parents. Fabulous. Great.

Yes you read that right.. I'm heading back next week. Excuse me while I go wallow in self pity and failure.


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(Deleted comment)
6th Aug, 2003 08:26 (UTC)
Yes.. yes it does.

As I'm heading off next week (bar a huge turnaround from Mars.. hah!) do you guys want to meet up this weekend?
(Deleted comment)
6th Aug, 2003 08:34 (UTC)
okie cokey smokey
6th Aug, 2003 08:18 (UTC)
Awww. That's such horrible news. :( I'm sorry that had to happen.

No way you can get a job with another company in the US?
6th Aug, 2003 08:28 (UTC)
suggestions welcome... but pickings seem slim around here.
6th Aug, 2003 08:36 (UTC)
Geepy cripes, that's awful. What a disappointment.

Keep looking, though, something may pop up unexpectedly.
6th Aug, 2003 08:37 (UTC)
Yeah... I guess. To be honest though it looks like I'll be doing my looking from the Uk mostly :(
6th Aug, 2003 08:50 (UTC)
Awww. :(
6th Aug, 2003 08:27 (UTC)
Hugs. Maybe a way will open up before you leave? There is always hope for that. If you do have to go back, hopefully it won't be too long before another opportunity comes a knockin. But that sucks that you have to go back.
6th Aug, 2003 08:29 (UTC)
Re: ouch!
Well I'll be back home this time next week.. so it had better hurry up :/
7th Aug, 2003 04:37 (UTC)
Re: ouch!
Well, if it doesn't, I hope you can continue to search for something here in the states in the UK. Good luck to you hon. I know how much you wanted to stay.
7th Aug, 2003 08:25 (UTC)
Re: ouch!
Thanks hon. Yeah I did/do want to stay.. ah well, hopefully stuff will work out.
6th Aug, 2003 09:08 (UTC)
i am so sorry greg. this is heart breaking news i'm sure. my thoughts are with you.....
6th Aug, 2003 18:22 (UTC)
Man, It's no fair with the whole bureaucratic office crap hanging up your visa.
Just remember to come back and visit all your July 4 buddies.
6th Aug, 2003 19:22 (UTC)
yeah...forget us not...

sorry I can't come back to chat town again...but golfbisquit, redthought, and kiltmir might come along if not too much school work...
7th Aug, 2003 08:24 (UTC)
Hopefully we'll be doing something this weekend. Not sure what... maybe just a bar crawl ;)

7th Aug, 2003 08:24 (UTC)
I'll be back if I can... Chattanooga is a pretty cool place, and theres lots of cool people :)
7th Aug, 2003 09:28 (UTC)
No,no,no! I cant and wont have this! I belive I speak for many when I say we love you! Get married, get married now!! Hell I'll marry you if thats what it takes! It would have to be Vermont of course due to the fact its not recodnized in any other states... I can only convey my feelings of aingst, I only hope this insn't the last oppertunity you get, remeber most things are possible in a country of mutts, my father came over on an old yacht from Cuba for crist sake! I will miss ya but I have a feeling things may work out if not now in the future. Dont ask how, I dont know. Take care. You always have a latin friend in the "States"
Best wishes, Torres
7th Aug, 2003 10:37 (UTC)
Thanks Alex,

I hope I'll be coming back.. I plan to. I like Chattavegas to much to leave.. theres some damn fine people here :)
8th Aug, 2003 19:54 (UTC)
*sigh* I am so sorry and so sad for you, Greg. I know how hard it is. *big massive super hugs to save the day* Oh, who am I kidding...nothing can save the day. God, this is depressing. I hate it so much when my friends are sad. *sending lots of love your way*
8th Aug, 2003 23:22 (UTC)
thanks hon *hugs* another journal huh? ;)

Its nice to see you around and vocal again :)
11th Aug, 2003 09:20 (UTC)

This makes me mad.
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