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oh holy crap!

My sunburn (yes its still there... and not getting much better) just reached new levels of itching and pain... oh geez..



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30th Jul, 2003 15:18 (UTC)
*skins some poor fuck walking down the street and DCC's the result right to you*

With love,
30th Jul, 2003 15:32 (UTC)

Thanks. Btw... I was bored and decided to jump onto the Eve IRC earlier. YOu know the first thing that I was asked?

Ak-Gara> OMG! its DC! Hows Rinny?

Amused me :)
30th Jul, 2003 15:29 (UTC)
Oh man!
Sorry about your sunburn man but then again that pale british skin does you in my friend.
30th Jul, 2003 15:33 (UTC)
Re: Oh man!
Indeed... especially as my back prolly hasn't had sun exposure in hmm... several YEARS.

30th Jul, 2003 15:34 (UTC)
Re: Oh man!
Indeed. :)
30th Jul, 2003 16:10 (UTC)
Are you smothering on the aloe vera or what??? That should help with the pain and stuff...
30th Jul, 2003 16:34 (UTC)
Avi doesn't have any aftersun stuff.. so its pretty much just been water.

I shall buy some next time we go shopping tho I think....
30th Jul, 2003 17:27 (UTC)
no! don't do just water!
water will only dry out your skin even more and that is half of what makes a sunburn hurt so much, the fact that your skin is too dry. at least put some moisturizing lotion on, i am sure avi has some of that right?
if you were here hon i would go outside and cut up half of my aloe plant for ya and make you marinate in the juice. go find a planty kind of person and see if they have any aloe plants. ;)
30th Jul, 2003 17:29 (UTC)
Avi prolly does have some yeah... I'll ask her later.
30th Jul, 2003 19:05 (UTC)
Yes you really should...or borrow some from Cherie or someone else you see often if they have any:) Bad Avi for not having aloe..cause I know she goes to the pool enough to possibly get some burn.
30th Jul, 2003 20:24 (UTC)
Not that often actually... and aparently most sun products make her break out. All the after-sun ones anyhow.. so its totally understandable her not having any.
31st Jul, 2003 15:48 (UTC)
Well usually sunblock in general will make one break out..unless they get neutrogena or some non pore clogging non oily stuff..I tend to break out when I get sun:( BUt you better believe I will use my aloe when I am in great pain!
30th Jul, 2003 16:21 (UTC)
feel the burn
buy aloe vera by the gallons.

do you look like a lobster?
30th Jul, 2003 16:48 (UTC)
Re: feel the burn
Well... not THAT red.. and only on my back. But it is red..
30th Jul, 2003 16:49 (UTC)
Re: feel the burn
whoops.. replied using wrong account...
Avi's last comment was mine ;)
30th Jul, 2003 18:46 (UTC)
*pats somewhere other than back*

Do you want me to get you some Solarcaine?
30th Jul, 2003 20:23 (UTC)
Solarcaine? That one of those numbing aftersun things? I'm rather unfamilar with sun screen priducts.. all I understand from my british perspective is SPF and stuff...

What can I say.. when its sunny in the Uk.. its still not that strong.

But.. I dunno, we'll see what its like tomorrow.
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