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Ok.. first of all -

HAPY BIRTHDAY cmpriest!! May it be bountiful.. and stuff.

Speaking of the infamous author I spent last night at a poetry slam with her, Jym and Jyll. Freeing up Avi for a much needed and enjoyed night of freedom I am sure. It was... interesting. As I said to Jym later - "its needs more people.. and more alcohol." But it was kinda cool. Jyll was really great, tho cursed with being first, and Cherie was did well too - getting to the second round.

Anyhow, we got back and I crashed a bit.. but then showed Avi the purdyness of Eve-Online. She spent about 30mins just playing with the character creation tools.. its that pretty. After that we pretty much had to crash in bed tho.. and so a fitful (for me) nights sleep was had.

I think its partially this whole visa stress hanging over me, but I haven't got a solid nights sleep for a while now. Ah well... Speaking of Visa stuff tho, I was CC'd an e-mail by the lawyer guy today that he sent to Jay (head of Mars).. basically it outlines the options for Jay. Canada could happen before september, but also runs the risk of the US denying me and telling me to do it in the UK anyhow.. which would suck ass. So its up to Jay now to decide... and cmpriest? Tell Jay that I don't care what I have to sign.. two years, three... the blood of my first born... I WANT to work there. Please?

So again.. I'm sitting on my tod just waiting.


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