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Clean up.. the swiffer way...

Ok.. so I got bored and cleaned the kitchen. This was spured by Jess's efforts earlier at some kind of Ant Armageddon... anyhow, so yeah I cleaned. If its not clean it is at least lots cleaner, courtesy of lots of elbow grease and a Swiffer WetJet.

The sunburn is.. well.. still burnt, but not as itching and painful as it was last night. With a few suggestions from Linda and Cherie I think it maybe all fine and no peeling. Probably.

Saturday was Shannon's Shakespeare in The Park. Or To Boldy Shakespeare Where No-one Has Before. It was hot.. it was sunny. I sung.

Oh and myself and Jyll were left to DIE IN THE HOT SUN by UNFEELING WENCHES that supped cold beverages in air-con'd premises. *wails* *weeps* *gnashing of teeth*


Naw it wasn't for that long.. but damn it felt like a long time in that sun. We then adjourned to various coffee and eatery houses before parting ways with Cherie and Jym. Such was a lazy and very cool day.

The rest of that evening was split between 'The Wallmart Game' a pint of B&J's, and a very long and lengthy discussion about religeon with Jyll and Avi.. and later Laura. Very interesting and informative.. and while I'll never be religeous it helped me understand the motivations behind people that are. Also I think it allowed me to seperate religeon in practice with religeon as a concept. More on that later.. I'll prolly devote a post to talking about it at some point.

The Wallmart game is elegant in its untter disregard for shopping decorum. You split into two teams and fill up your trolley with stuff that will fox the other team. Then you swap trollies and the team with the least left at the end of the time wins. Laura and Avi won this round.

I think we should start a league.. every saturday night a game should be held. Anyhow.. that was it really, except for sitting in the capus carpark eating icecream at 1am, which was a nice end to the evening.

Sunday was swimming mostly.. less happend. I'll post about that another time.. maybe. Right now I'm going insane wondering what Blake (the lawyer guy) is doing relating to my visa.. as a sept 5th date is tooo late for Mars *sigh*


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28th Jul, 2003 14:17 (UTC)
in that post about religion care to share why you don't think you will ever become religious?
28th Jul, 2003 16:14 (UTC)
Oh I will do.

A clue to that fact may be in the following - I seperate the concepts of religeon, faith, and belief.
29th Jul, 2003 14:43 (UTC)
well I'll be interested to hear more
28th Jul, 2003 15:02 (UTC)
Interesting... I don't think I will ever not be religious.

Oh and on the sun burn issue... you were putting on enough sunscreen but you weren't letting it soak in before jumping right in the water so that might be what aided the burn.

Sorry we left you, but it looked like you were into it and we didn't want to stop the fun, hot though it may have been. :)
28th Jul, 2003 16:13 (UTC)
*nods* you are probably right with the sun thing.. that and I had problems getting good coverage on my back.

And tis cool with the leaving us.. all alone.. to die.. thing ;)
29th Jul, 2003 14:43 (UTC)
Yeah Avi is right..usually the sunscreen bottle will tell you to put it on even 15-20 min before going into the sun..so that especially means water too;)
29th Jul, 2003 23:06 (UTC)
heh.. yeah. That prolly is a major factor too.. tho I think coverage also played a major part.. ah well.. live and learn.
29th Jul, 2003 06:56 (UTC)
Funny that I'm listening to "Ray of Light" while looking at your icon. They fit together so well.
29th Jul, 2003 07:02 (UTC)
lol.. yeah I guess they do.
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