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According to certain sources Bil Clinton invented oral sex...
But thats a whole other story..

Currently my life is in limbo, courtesy of the US Government. Which is nice of them.. thats right ladies and gents, I am in the paperwork hell that is Immigration. Specifically - trying to get a work visa/permit.

Loads of fun. Thankfully Mars has very very kindly sorted out a lawyer to deal with all this gubbins - at great expense to them I may add - and so the paperwork hell that is the US has been cut down dramatically for me (as Jess put it, "welcome to the US, land of red tape").

However.. get this. I may have to return to the UK before I can work here. I certainly will have to leave the US and re-enter on the new visa. My good friend David 'The Fiend' Byers is contacting the US Embassy in London to make an appointment for me (and I am almost chewing the desk with worry until he responds - damn you dave.. e-mail me - I know you read this).

So that is not the most financially exciting prospect. If London will take to long if may be Canada (prolly Toronto) we try... but yes, this is all down to some awful info that I was given prior to leaving by the US Embassy itself..

I was told that it would be fine to change my status, and that is was just as matter of agreeing with the local INS office. Oh no says the lawyer, that information is wrong, not just wrong but never was right, and never will be.

As Powell put it - 'you are now more stupid for having listened to this, thank you'

So I am less than happy right now. Worried, scared, annoyed, apprehensive.. all of the above? yes.. but happy? no, not really. However - Avi and I continue to have fun, even if its mostly involving computer games. I really don't know what I'd have done through all this if she wasn't around..

Would possibly have featured on the evening news however...


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22nd Jul, 2003 12:08 (UTC)
Good luck - I'll be sending positivibes. I hope it can get sorted out soon.
22nd Jul, 2003 13:22 (UTC)
Thanks hon.. so do I
22nd Jul, 2003 12:11 (UTC)
In the words of Twain:

Government exists solely to inconvenience its people. After that's done, it may get down to something useful - but the chance is at best remote.

Hang in there, G- it'll all come out one way or another. I know I'm looking foreward to working with you, that's for certain.

22nd Jul, 2003 13:22 (UTC)
heh.. thanks :D

Should be fun working on in Mars.. looks liek a grand old time :)
22nd Jul, 2003 12:52 (UTC)
Awww... I am not doing anything much.

I told you when we first met online I would help you get to the US. :)
22nd Jul, 2003 13:21 (UTC)
lol.. thats true! I forgot that ;)

And you're doing more than you'll ever know *hugs*
22nd Jul, 2003 18:14 (UTC)
red tape of death
where in the states are you?
forget toronto, come to vancouver instead.

i hope all goes well.

ps - the funniest thing.
i IM-ed you on messenger saying something along the lines of "you're stuck in red tape !??!!" and a there was a reply of "well, Greg is.. ;)" and i was gobsmacked!

you talk about yourself in the third person??? that's so cool

haha.. turns out, it was Avi. you left your msn on and went to another room.
22nd Jul, 2003 20:26 (UTC)
Re: red tape of death
hahaha! Yeah the only computer I have access to is Avi's and I'm so used to leaving YIM and MSN on that I forget to set teh msg's.. *doh* ;)

Vancouver is all the other side of the continent.. I'm in Tennessee, the north part of the south. So it would prolly be easiest to go to Toronto.. not to mention quicker and cheaper.

Tho I really want to go there someday :)
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