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click on the image to see a panorama of the mountains...

The above is a view atop the highest point in this part of the states, the top of Mount Mitchell(?) in the Blue Ridge Mountains... I took that and the panorama. This whole part of the country is so damn pretty. North Carolina is basically like Tennessee but with deeper valleys and taller hills... so nice.

More photos to come, but I shall probably post them in a lump soon.

Now for DarkCrysts 'I've Been To A Movie And So I Shall Rant About Movies' Moment. Not a catchy title really, have to work on that...


Anyhow, went to see LXG at the weekend with Avi, Jym, and Cherie. Its a great fun movie. Not exactly true to the comic, but who cares? Its a great romp, blatantly wanting a sequel too. I concur with Cherie on this one - if I hadn't have seen Pirates so close to seeing LXG I'm sure I would have had oodles of fun. As it was I still enjoyed it a lot. Let me just say now.. the Nautilus is so damn pretty... I WANTS IT! *ahem* a beautiful, if ridiculous film :)

Speaking of silly movie related gubbins... What is with the silly TV censoring rules in the US?

I'll explain the system I'm used to first of all... In the UK we have what is called the 9pm Watershed, because its at 9pm and at that time lots of water- and sheds - come pouring out of your screen.

Or not.

No its the time that it is generally acceptable to have content of an adult nature on TV, because if there are kids up they will be with an adult (hah!) and the majority of the viewing population is mature (again... hah! adult perhaps.. mature? no.) Anyhow the later it gets past this time the more is acceptable, but 9pm is the only actual guideline.

However.. last night I was watching Pitch Black on TV - I forget what network - at about 10pm and something extremely funny was happening. They would show scenes where young women and men were deeply eviscerated and torn to shreds on screen... but would dub out all the swear words.

What? Excuse me? Run that by me once more please?
What kind of bizarre crack were the TV execs smoking when they worked that one out?

Perhaps some large bellied man is sitting in his leather chair, behind a large teak desk that took a rainforest the size of Florida to construct, grinning to himself as he bolts down his hojillianth acid laced burrito, because he considers that he always obeyed the advice of his 'mom'

"No little Timmy.. you can't swear... but cut girls up, that’s practically wholesome."

Yup, well done Corporate America on that one, you saved the kids tonight.

*scratches head*

Anyhow... rant over for now. I'm sure - if coaxed - I can rant some more. But I shan't right now. In about half an hour Avionne is going to pick me up and take me to Mars again so I can talk to Powell some more... she's a sweetie and I hope it isn't putting her out too much, kind of hard to tell. I'm sure I'll be able to tell everyone more stuff afterwards though :)

for now.. I sign off

don't believe in love... don't believe in hate... don't believe in anyone, but you believe in grace...


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14th Jul, 2003 16:17 (UTC)
we had a discussion about tv censorship in the U.S vs. Britain in one of my classes last year, and our instructor pretty much said it boiled down to the fact that the UK is much much older and more experienced with everything as a country than the U.S is. it's had more wars, more history, and is generally more accepting of how things really are, than the U.S which is one of the youngest countries and is still under the impression that if you shut things out, they are'nt there.
just take any news program in the U.S and compare it to euro news. =p
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