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mmmm pai...

Yesterday was great.

Avi skipped out of work a little early so we'd make the lunch reservation she'd made. It was at KanPai of Tokyo. A really nice asian place. Its one of those places where you all (about 10 of you) sit around the hotplate where the chef cooks your meal for you all.

Pure heaven.

I had Shrimp and Steak done in something I can't pronounce and Hibachi. Yum. yum yum yum. I'm so glad Avi suggested that place after I said I'd take her out to lunch. Some of the tenderest steak I've ever had.. mmmm

After that we hung around for a while, eventually ending up at the mall to see Pirates Of The Caribean. Whoo for that movie.

Sure its family fun, its big and bold... its wonderful. They haven't made movies like this in a while, and I hope they keep it up. Pure fun in a celluloid format. For those techy people among you the SFX are top notch too. Depp is brillant, Bloom just toes the line between 'pounting and angsty' and 'frowny and angsty' for the ladies while not getting so annoying that the lads want to hoist his gibblets upon the mainsail.

See it. Now.

Again... mmmm KanPai... :)

Later on I'll be seeing League of Extraordinary Gentlemen or 'LXG' (remember kids - X means its KOOL) with Avi, Cherie and Jym.. plus having fun with them all I'm sure. I'll tell you how it goes.


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