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Miss you...

I get all worried when Avi logs of YIM to come home and then 30 mins later isn't back still.. when she is driving and works 5 mins WALK away...

Is that silly?

It IS raining in LUMPS and the power keeps fritzing from the lightning...
..and I worry.

I know she's a big girl and that... but yeah... I worry.

Am I a goof?


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10th Jul, 2003 16:09 (UTC)
No, you're sweet : )
10th Jul, 2003 19:46 (UTC)
aww thanks :)
10th Jul, 2003 16:35 (UTC)
So walk your silly ass down to Wright Hall..hahah..kidding:)

na, it is understandable just because she lives so close by..but she could be doing other things before packing up..just because she signs off doesn't mean she is totally ready to get outta there..ya know?
10th Jul, 2003 19:42 (UTC)
Yeah I know... and thats all she was doing..

But I worry *sighs*
10th Jul, 2003 18:20 (UTC)
Missy is right... I don't always come straight home when I sign out.

Sorry... I am used to doing whatever I want and doing stuff on my own time. Rather like not being accountable to anyone.

Didn't mean to worry you though.
10th Jul, 2003 18:37 (UTC)
I think it's wonderful that you care so much.
10th Jul, 2003 19:46 (UTC)
yeah.. well... I'm a silly
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