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Good Lord...

What is this? Could it be... my journal?

Surely not! My journal was lost to the mists of time and apathy.

Yes ok ok... I've been uber tardy updating this. I better do so now else rinnywee will break my arms. Probably using some form of mutant psychokinesis that the icelanders have bequeathed her in some mystical ritual involving whale blubber.

So yes... indeedy. What have I been up to.. what indeed. Firstly on the friday (not last friday, the one before.. oh dear its been that long.. hmm) I had my interview thingy at Mars Interactive, which is also where dear cmpriest and ishmael02 work.

[Quick deviation]Speaking of ishmael02... you owe me some shootin' funnage y'hear? ;) [/Quick deviation]

Anyhow.. it went REALLY well. Mars looks like a great fun and relaxed place to work. Powell (da boss) and I got on really well - even down to goofing off about Eddie Izzard. You know something is going well when you get introduced to people on the site tour as 'the new html scripting guy.'

Anyhow.. I find out for sure this thurs/fri. Wish me luck.

What else did I do? Well... for one I saw T3. If it was aiming at being a comedy spoof of the other terminators.. it did an ok job. Or if it wanted to be a feature length pilot for a new Terminator TV show.. then its great.
Taken as a third movie and a continuation of the previous stories? Its ass.. and hairy goats ass at that. Ah well.. fun for the time you're in the cinema tho.

I also saw finding Nemo - which is great. Nuff said.. see that movie.

I've not been doing an awful lot so far.. because well.. I've not an awful lot to do. But for the July 4th weekend shineyquarter, 20_20retrospect, and I were picked up by golfbisquit and driven out to the wilds of North Carolina.

That place is sooooo damn pretty - photos to come as soon as I monopolize Avi's laptop to get them downloaded. Just.. mmm.. pretty. Ashville is a great small city that feels like a small town, but with some kick ass places to go. Its also the Hippy center of the US seemingly.. which is cool and funny at the same time. Staying at rethought's place was great and there will be more photos and discussion of that at a later date - as this post is already too long!

Overall so far its great here, even if I am floundering around a bit immobile and useless atm - thats to be expected as well.. I am immobile and useless right now!

more to come soon, hope you managed to read this far ;)


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9th Jul, 2003 19:45 (UTC)
I'm so glad your interview went well. I'm crosses everything I can for you babe!

Asheville is an amazing city. Haven't been there in about 6 years but I would love to go back.

Why don't you guys take trip down here for a bit? huh? I can't promise a lot of entertaining nightlife but I'm sure you could find someone who could!
9th Jul, 2003 20:04 (UTC)
hehehe I'm sure we will hon.. just have to work something out with Avi's work. Can't say when tho.. :/

Asheville is great... and the fireworks we fun too :)
10th Jul, 2003 02:53 (UTC)

Oi, if you don't get the job I'll break their arms. Yesssssss.

*ahem* Uhm btw, you suck for being OS when me and snorri and steini will be in London. I hate you for it. Muchos.

10th Jul, 2003 04:40 (UTC)
Aww... yeah I'd love to be there. Ah well.. I'm here now - can't complain.

But give Snorri my bestest and make sure London treats him well... or break their arms ;)
13th Jul, 2003 18:50 (UTC)
You know too much, meeeester Bond.

*alerts Icelandic Navy Seals to the fact that you know too much*
*Icelandic Navy Seals respond by honking enthusiastically and balancing balls on their noses*
*Alerts the Spec-Ops Big Sea Mammal Hunters instead*
*...who promptly resurrect Bob Marley, and become a huge hit as Bob Marley and the Whalers*
*gives up and just buggers off to England*
13th Jul, 2003 20:17 (UTC)
Re: You know too much, meeeester Bond.

THIS is why you will rule the roost in London ;)
13th Jul, 2003 20:27 (UTC)
Re: You know too much, meeeester Bond.
Bless their souls - they're giving me free material already - apparently I'm performing at the Laughing Horse Oxford Circus not as Snorri Hergill Kristjánsson, my actual name, but as retired Anime Superhero "Snorri Hergiin-Kristjansson". Or that might be the name of a Dutch war lord. I do not know. I plan on letting at least one club repeat and recite my whole name correctly after me... *eeeevil grin*
13th Jul, 2003 20:28 (UTC)
Re: You know too much, meeeester Bond.
ahahahaha! That would be great!
10th Jul, 2003 03:42 (UTC)
and he shoots...

he scores...

and he's back =)

i'm glad you came back from the dark side
and later with pictures.
10th Jul, 2003 04:39 (UTC)
Re: and he shoots...
haha yes.. back from the dark side.

Thankfully no big black helmets and respirators came with me ;)

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