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Its early...

I've leaving for the airport in half an hour...

Sooooooo going to be sleeping on the plane.

Love to you all - see you there.


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25th Jun, 2003 23:28 (UTC)
Safe traveling and sweet dreams, Greg. :-)

Good luck with the invasion. <3
26th Jun, 2003 09:27 (UTC)
Hope you're having a safe trip : )
26th Jun, 2003 10:36 (UTC)
You're coming HERE?! Uh oh. You and Avionne had better behave.
27th Jun, 2003 18:44 (UTC)
wow, it's already time for you to come here..I mean to see Avi again?
27th Jun, 2003 18:50 (UTC)
heh.. that it is.

Sitting in Avi's chair right now :)
You'll have to come over so I can whoop your ass good at Tekken.

I don't care that you're in Florida.. you're just there because you fear my leet skills...

thats what I tell myself anyhow..
28th Jun, 2003 14:26 (UTC)
You know, you will have no excuse if you lose to me because the last time I played was when I played you..and I won't be playing anytime before I see you..so I shall laugh:)
28th Jun, 2003 15:17 (UTC)
hah! hah I say! :P ;)
5th Jul, 2003 06:06 (UTC)
hope you're having fun...
i'm missing your updates like crazy here.

what's been going on?
how's your trip?
6th Jul, 2003 18:25 (UTC)
Re: hope you're having fun...
awwww *hugs* thats so sweet! :)

I'll update soon hon I promise! Got a lot to talk about :)
9th Jul, 2003 04:16 (UTC)
Re: hope you're having fun...
Well hurry the fuck up!!!
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