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Do tell...

I'm going to change/update my profile soon.. because, well.. I'm bored of it and it needs updating.

However - I'm stealing an idea from choebe here and going to ask you all to write some things for it.

Basically a short paragraph or a sentance or two about how you percieve me, so that others may get an idea. I think it could be interesting as well.

Anyhoo... hope to hear from as many of you as posible! Just comment and leave it :D


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23rd Jun, 2003 12:19 (UTC)
"darkcryst is hot!!

Oh, and also smart and funny and witty, too."
23rd Jun, 2003 13:22 (UTC)
"Let it be said, hencforth -
that this place be known as 'Darkcryst's Home'.
And on this side of the sloshy ocean
shall they continue to hope for his presence again
for he is a grand guignol, a great story
and he maketh Avi happi."

23rd Jun, 2003 14:37 (UTC)
My contribution. A wee tale.

"GREG'S MILORD WHITY!" the girl exclaimed. "No, truly I tell ye, sir. I saw 'im just the other day tearing out o' town WITH EDGY GILS. MR OR you were there. You saw. Tell 'im!"

Constable Dawdry glanced at the old man. MR OR WIGGLED. "HI' ST'Y's tr'e," he spattered. "I beg your pardon?" Dawdry peered at the old man, "Are you drunk, man?" Or straightened himself and looked Dawdry right in the face, "WHO ME? DR GRISLY GIT says I wa'n't allowed to drink. I was just finishing my mince pie when yon lass asked me to tell. Well, I told. "Her story is true" is said. 'snot my fault I had half a tart in my gob, if you'll excuse the expression, Sir."

Dawdry wrinkled his nose and glanced at the girl again. "How can you be sure that this Greg is who you say?"

"Well sir, I first dids 'ear 'bout it after Mafyew there heard some of the other men talking about 'ow they did read it in THE GRISWOLD GRIMY." She nodded towards a small lad, of around ten, huddled in the corner of the kitchen. I di'n't b'lieve it at first, as you wouldn't sir. But then I did hear like how THE LORD GRIMY SWIG, you know, the one 'ho did go and win THE DOGGY SWIRL RIM where it should 'ave been my master, Sir. Well, 'e said as 'ow HOT RIMS DE-WRIGGLY did come by an' take yon Greg away. This i'n't true of course, but it was strange 'ow he did go on d'clarin' as 'ow Greg was WHITY RODGERS GLIM 'imself. Well I don't b'lieve a word of it, Sir. Still, 'tis strange 'ow GREG HID SLIMYWORT for so long an' got 'way wif it."

"Slimy Wort?"

"Yeah, you know Sir. DR HEGIG SLIMYWORT of MILDEW GOGHRSITRY Manor down in Wales. 'e was suspected of murderin' 'is wife 'e was an' 'parently Greg 'id 'im from the orforoties."

"The orf... what?"

"You know! The p'lice, men like you."

"Oh, the authorities."

"Riiiiight. Anyway, Edgy Gils come by the 'ouse the other day looking for Greg. All 'urried like. Ten minutes later they're gone, both of 'em."

Dawdry tapped his finger against his chin. "And you have no idea where they were headed?"

"Well, I did 'ear Edgy mention something 'bout THE GRODY MIG SWIRL, that's an inn over in RIGTRY MIDGE. HOWLS might know more, do ye want me ask him, Sir?" The girl turned to go.

"No no, that's fine. You've been most helpful. I'm afraid I shall have to continue the search for MR GREG DOWISHYTIL myself."

"Dowishytil, Sir?"

"Yes, sorry about that. I sneezed. Thank you for your help." Dawdry nodded his head and walked out of the house.

NB: All words in capitals and bold are anagrams of Gregory Wild Smith
23rd Jun, 2003 14:47 (UTC)
Give a lil while to cogitate on this one...
23rd Jun, 2003 16:38 (UTC)
Re: *contemplates*
np hon :)
23rd Jun, 2003 15:22 (UTC)
Greg gets his ass kicked by ME in Tekken:)

He is a beastly dude that kinda reminds me of Brenden Frasier for some reason.

He curses a lot....all that British jibberish
23rd Jun, 2003 16:38 (UTC)
haha... ok.. we're SO on for a rematch.

And yeah.. I do curse too much.. something to work on.
23rd Jun, 2003 19:39 (UTC)
No matter what Greg will always be my friend. He accepts my craziness no matter what and loves me just the same. I appreciate his humor (the man is a clone of Eddie Izzard except not in drag) and I find his talent in writing, design, and all that code crap simply amazing. He gave me my first kiss as well as being first in a lot of ways for me.
24th Jun, 2003 04:43 (UTC)


24th Jun, 2003 03:50 (UTC)
A splendid chap
A splendid chap all round, with a brain the size of a ... a ... very large brain - with wits and charm to match.

While he may look to change wee Avi's name
let's hope she won't change his - from Wild to Tame.


Tallyho up the rodger , tut-tut and pip-pip and wossname - and wear pants in America. I highly recommend it.
24th Jun, 2003 04:44 (UTC)
Re: A splendid chap
*chuckles* yuo si funneh! ;)

Good luck with the comedy tour Snorri (if I don't get to say so before then), wish I was able to come watch.

25th Jun, 2003 10:26 (UTC)
After much thought and consideration...
Greg. He's by far one of the most amazing individuals I have ever met. He brightens my darkest days and is a umbrella of protection when I feel like hiding from the rain. He'll always listen to me ramble about anything and everything... and will give me a *hug* when he knows I need it. He's opinionated and blunt... but also gentle and loves unconditional. When I think of him, I smile, giggle and remember nothing but good times. (Fluffy poke stick of doom? *snugglecuddlehugglepounce*?) I know I will always find shelter in him. I'm forever changed because of who he is. <3
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