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Writing musings...

So I sat down to write today...

For the first time in a while really... I've not really had much motivation to write in a while. My last inspiration was the Vala-Nex stories, and I have about 3 of them unfinished on my HDD. I'd like to come back to them but my utter and bitter frustration at the state of the game that inspired them has soured their adventrues for now. I may go back to them when I can connect with it a bit more I guess..

but I digress....

The reason I sat down to write, and now am goofing off in LJ-land, was I decided to write things down for Twilight*. Now some of you may go "Hang on there old chap - no-one has said they'll draw it for you.. cor blimey." Or you might if you were Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins I guess. Anyhow.. Dick would be quite right - noone has agreed yet (though I'm still crossing my fingers on choebe saying yes). However that's not the point.

You see, whatever happens, I want to get this going. I want to get something down on paper in a proper format. I have notes sure.. but most of it is still in my head. Which while thats the place I see it most clearly - that doesn't help anyone else see it.

Rooting through my notes I found a nice tagline/ad copy I came up with.. see what you think.

"For thousands of years legends have told of a man who will unite the world, and then destroy it. The sky will darken, and his army will walk the earth.
These legends also tell of a group of heroes, heroes who will fight these evil forces.
They do not say who will win..."

That pretty much summarises the entire run of the (envisoned) 3 series set. Each series has a distinct end, so while you could run into each series they definately have a defined structure. Basically each series deals with a different aspect of the plot, and a different arc of the story, and not all characters will be introduced in the first series.**

Anyway.. again.. I digress...

Firstly I had to do a bit of research on how to write for comics - turns out that its basically the same as for screenplays, just panel or page instead of scenes. Incidentally - I highly recomend Jack Passarella's ScreenPro for writing screenplays and similar stuff - its basically a word template (with macros) that makes all the formatting worries disapear - and its free! Can't really argue with that! Jack is a published screenwriter and author so knows his stuff.. plus its probably the best thing I've seen (and I've looks a lot - trust me).

So anyway - in preperation for writing this out panel by panel (or page by page.. I may keep it a bit loose - artistic interpritation and all that) I thought I should write character descriptions of at least the main few characters. That way the artist, and anyone else for that matter, will know what my idea of the characters is in a bit more detail.

Do you know how hard that is to do without making it sound rediculous??

I mean.. think about most characters.. take um... Buffy the Vampire Slayer for example..

"Buffy is a regular teenage girl, except she has superpowers that enable her to battle vampires and demons.. all the while having to sort out regular high school problems and date boys."

Sounds Uber-goofy doesn't it? Probably explains why the original film turned out so poorly - I mean when Luke Perry is the best thing in a movie.. there have to be problems.

So yes.. I'm having fun. I am! Really! Its challenging, difficult, but fun - because I'm actually working on something I want to do.. I want this to get made so bad I ca taste it.

Heres to it actually getting made. :)

*see my last post for more details on what Twilight is.
**Like I said.. I have it planned out in my head quite well ;)

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