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ok.. if you didn't see my last post check it out first - because this post is kind of related to it.

In a way.

Yes, so.. writing.. and stuff.
Ask anyone what I'm good at you'll probably get a confused look and a response akin to "hah!".. maybe. But what I AM good at is ideas. Specifically story ideas. Perhaps not the most original ideas in the world, but as many people have shown - its not all about what you say, but how you say it (see me doing an impression of an Eddie Izzard sketch to do with JFK right now). Anyhow.. I have, at any one time, about 10 reasonably formed ideas for a piece of fiction - but in variable formats.

For example.. one may be a written story. Another may be a series of written stories. Some may be for a movie, or a TV series. Some however may be a little different.

Sometimes I get an idea that I can convert between any format. These are the ones I hang on to.. they stick in my head. I don't get many of them.. but I REALLY want to work on the ones I do.

One such idea is a saga I've named Twilight: Prophecy.

I've been wanting to create this idea in one for or another for over two years. Its a three part futuristic saga, set in London, that follows two characters (and later more) through a supernatural cyber-punk end of the world - and how they are the only ones with the power to stop it.
I won't go into much more detail, because it wouldn't make much sense all in one lump - and it would be boring for you when I get to make it.

However it does feature:

A female lead character
Funky Gadgets
Supernatural Cults
Vampires and Werewolves
Guns.. lots of guns.

Sound interesting..? I hope so.

Now as I was doing the work on choebe's drawing it occured to me... I've always wanted to do a web comic, and Twilight would be perfect material for a webcomic. An actual comic as opposed to all those humour strips you see out there.. something that has a story. Sure you can comment on things, have other stuff in there with it - but it has a proper arc to it.

See now I know I can write it. I know I can make it a success (ie lots of people read it - money isn't the goal here, would be a nice bonus though) but what I can't do is draw the damn thing.

See where I'm going here?

This is my formal plea to anyone... everyone... want to hook up with me and do a webcomic? I need someone to do/draw the art.. co-credit and everything. I really want to do this.

and choebe? I'd love it if it was with you - you're uber talented and everyone thinks something would work out well. Fancy it?


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19th Jun, 2003 10:47 (UTC)
If I drew I would help. It is a great idea. I hope choebe will take you up on that.
19th Jun, 2003 10:51 (UTC)
So do I.. and thanks hon *smooch*

Of cource you've heard me spout about the idea for Twilight before (when I was talking about how I'd like to make it into a series of animated shorts).. so you're a bit more familar with the concept.
19th Jun, 2003 11:44 (UTC)
I look forward to seeing/reading twilight.
19th Jun, 2003 10:51 (UTC)
Will write for food
I'm a Creative Writing major, I'm bored, and your idea sounds nifty. I can edit or help if you want.
19th Jun, 2003 10:56 (UTC)
Re: Will write for food
proof reading/random editor help would be cool :) cheers :D

This is IF this happens. I need someone to draw it - obviously.
19th Jun, 2003 12:04 (UTC)
Well... I really can't give a simple yes or no answer. I haven't drawn any comic book-type stuff in years. I am very out of practice. I haven't got a scanner, either. So, I don't know : /
19th Jun, 2003 12:15 (UTC)
Don't panic hon!

I'm not asking you to start tomorrow :)
I'd have to actaully write the first few parts down in panel form anyhow - that would take a little while.

Its more if you are up for it in general terms.. the specifics could be worked out later.

Example - we'd probably have to have about 10-20 pages done before we went live. That way it wouldn't kill either of us to take a break/have a real life. I'd hook us up with a website using My Mad Skilz(tm) and we'd be good to go weekly.

Those are my ideas anyhow. No presure really ;)
Plus as far as I'm concerned it doesn't have to be 'comic' comic.. your a great artist and as long as its b&w line art I can work with it :D

Would just love to work with you tis all - and I think this could work really well.
19th Jun, 2003 12:10 (UTC)
I just want to be Largo to your Piro. Oh and let me write rants like Dom. Thanks.
19th Jun, 2003 12:19 (UTC)
*scratches head*
That was a MegaTokyo reference right?

I don't read it much.. so kinda lost on that I'm afraid.
Though who else would I come to for rants? :D
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