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If you don't know choebe, she is a great artist.

So yes, today I saw an image of hers done in a tradtional comic book fashion. I've been itching to work on colouring some comic art, so I thought I'd give it a try (after asking her of cource). Here's the original image I worked from and the resulting image I made. See what you think.

It was actaully harder in some respects than I thought. The original contains a lot of already drawn shadowing so you have to restrict yourself to that style. I think it worked out well though.

I've been wanting to do a web comic for aaaages but I don't have the drawing talent *weeps* but I do know my way around PhotoShop. Its like a cruel joke that. Anyway... I think this looked pretty promicing. Fancy it Choebe? I'll write and colour and you do the b&w :)

I can dream.


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18th Jun, 2003 16:15 (UTC)
*Jaw drops* Wow. That looks amazing! I can't believe that's really my drawing. Very well done : )

*Starts looking for more black and white stuff I've done...* ; )
18th Jun, 2003 16:56 (UTC)
All yours my dear. I had to play with it a bit to get it so high defination and sharp from the scan... but I actually have a print quality version of that here.

Glad you liked it :D
18th Jun, 2003 16:50 (UTC)
Wow!! That's INCREDIBLE, Greg!!! :-) You two combined would be amazing with an online comic, in my opinion. Hehehe.

That's awesome. Your talents combined are really incredible together.

18th Jun, 2003 16:57 (UTC)
Not me you have to convince ;)

I'd love to do it.

Working with talented people is fun :)
18th Jun, 2003 16:53 (UTC)
Ooooh it's lovely!! I quite like it.
18th Jun, 2003 17:00 (UTC)
Thanks hon! Sorry I've not commented on your posts much.. I did miss you when you were gone.

Just not been in the commenting mood much.. *hugs*

Glad you liked it tho!
18th Jun, 2003 17:02 (UTC)
I quite understand. Just as long as you're reading, I'm happy.

If you made that into a webcomic, I'd definitely read it!
18th Jun, 2003 17:22 (UTC)
Up to Choebe that.. I'd love to.

Creating a whole new fantasy/superhero thing would rule. A proper comic - not just one of these humour strips that are out there.
18th Jun, 2003 18:39 (UTC)
I AM impressed. I looked at it more closely just now and it is AMAZING. choebe draws super well but your color just pops the life into it. The two of you could really go places with your combined talent.
19th Jun, 2003 02:24 (UTC)
awwww *blushes* thanks hon.. means a lot.

Now to convince choebe that we can take over the world ;)
19th Jun, 2003 03:23 (UTC)
great stuff
WOW! That is fantastic! You are very talented indeed. I wonder...
Do you think you could do an image for me, to illustrate this story?
19th Jun, 2003 03:33 (UTC)
Re: great stuff
Well I didn't draw the b&w for that image remember.. but thanks :)

I'll have a think on what I could do for that.. a lot of good images come to mind, but I unfortunatly suck at drawing (which I hate.. argh) though I may be able to do something..

we'll see. I won't promice anything tho..
19th Jun, 2003 03:59 (UTC)
Re: great stuff
lemme know if you come up with something. and maybe we can make a habit of working together... :)
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