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Man of the moment

Ok.. so David Beckham is going to move from Manchester United to Real Madrid.

This aparently warrants an extended news programme. How sad is that?

Personally - I think its s shame that we're losing him, but I'll put it down to the state of english football today and be done with it. Hopefully it'll do him good as a player. He'll be there until he's 32, so it might be his penultmate club... or he may retire afterwards.

But the fuss is rather over the top. I guess he's more product that player in the media's eyes - which is a shame.

Anyhow.. this lack of content was brought to you today by the letter "God I hate Humidity" and the number "I want to be with Avi"


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17th Jun, 2003 15:17 (UTC)
we've lost Beckham? noooooooo!

*goes and cries*
17th Jun, 2003 16:56 (UTC)
"we've" ?

Not a man utd fan are you?

But yeah..he's left the country... *shrugs* concidering the crap he's had to put up with at Man U the last season I'm not surprised.
17th Jun, 2003 17:17 (UTC)
what? what?
so he's gone???
17th Jun, 2003 17:56 (UTC)
Re: what? what?
Well.. will be. He'll be moving when he gets back from his trip to the far east he's just left for.

suckage huh?
17th Jun, 2003 22:50 (UTC)
suckage is right..
my baby is re-locating.

he's probably not happy about this.
didn't he offer to play for free if he gets to stay?
18th Jun, 2003 05:05 (UTC)
Re: suckage is right..
*laughs* no..

Basically its a break down between Man U/Alex Fergason and Beckham.. he's not played most of this season - which is pretty pathetic.

I tihnk he took a frankly low offer just so he could continue to play good football with world class players.

Its a shame to see him leave - but this way is prolly better for him, and at least we'll see him play.
19th Jun, 2003 05:46 (UTC)
Surely Vicky's face will melt in that Spanish heat.
19th Jun, 2003 05:53 (UTC)
hahaha... naw she's not quite that plastic yet.

Geri tho... if she went out there she'd look like a spare rib.
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