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Sham continues to benifi me...

ok.. some quality programs you must have.

SpyBot - A cookie/ad/spyware finder and remover. Get it here. If you have AdAware you should still get this - I have adaware and it only found 6 issues. Spybot found 101... ONE HUNDERED AND ONE!! Good fucking lord! Also you can quickly update its list from within the program (kinda like LiveUpdate on NAV) which is very very useful. Simply essencial if you spend time online.

I'd run the update bit as soon as you get it. Make sure it has the most up to date definitions.

BootVis - from microsoft (why do they never have the useful tools like this already IN windows?) Get it here. What is it? Well here's a descripton of it and how to work it -

BootVis offers a graphical view of your PC's boot performance and shows you why booting your system takes so long. After you download from BootVis, create a folder named 'ptools' and install the utility into that folder. Launch the program and choose 'Trace, Next Boot + Driver Delays' from the menu. When the dialog box appears, choose four repetitions and then go grab a cup of coffee. Don't interrupt the process, even if your PC seems to be frozen -- BootVis takes its sweet time. The program watches the boot process and figures out how to load drivers, DLLs, and other components simultaneously. It also determines how to start loading some drivers before others have finished, and it identifies the files that no longer need to load.

Once BootVis is done, select Trace, Optimize. The program shuffles drivers and their load order based on what it has learned, making for faster boots. BootVis provides the details you need to find the problems that are slowing the boot process. For instance, my system stalled when trying to connect to a nonexistent networked PC; removing this item from Network Neighborhood helped speed up my machine's boot process.

nifty huh?

but wait... theres more

JV16 PowerTools - a buch of useful utils in one program.Get it here. Basically this has one of the best little registry cleaners and disk cleaners I've seen in it. it foudn about 500 registry entries that are totally poinless and are just slowing up my system. It even gives you the option of making backups - which I would recomend.

Ok.. I know I sound like I belong on the shopping chanel right now, but seriously - get these programs, they are all free so its not a problem, they are high quality, and will make your PC healthier. I promice I will return to my usual programming soon ;)


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14th Jun, 2003 10:49 (UTC)
That bootvis thing--I clicked download and saved it to my hard drive, but it is a zipped file. So, I unzipped it, but now I can't find where it put it. Ack! Please help.
14th Jun, 2003 16:28 (UTC)
Just run it, or put in in a fodler in program files. Doesn't matter.
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