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Ok. This will probably make me sound even more geeky than I currently apear on this journal.

But meh.. I don't care.

This is a top tip for windows users. Specifically for WinXP - but 2k might havethe option as well. You know how your text on screen doesn't look that pretty? A bit jagged? Well there is an option to smooth the fonts in Windows.

This isn't new, there's been an option since MS released a patch for Windows95 that allowed font smoothing in windows, but.. well.. its really looked kind of crap before, so I never turned it on.

However - new (to my knowledge) in XP is ClearType smoothing. ClearType is a new font standard that MS have been working on with Adobe, and Apple chime in occationally too. Basically its a new way of displaying fonts. I happend across this option because I hate the way text looks like ass in windows - especially in webpages.

Basically I was trying to get it to look like a Mac.

Macs have font smoothing on by default you see. So everything looks much prettier. Knowing that I hated the old Win95 look I thought I'd see what new features XP has. I am greatly impressed.
Here's how to turn it on in XP:

Right Click on your Desktop and go to Properties.
In the window that pops up select Apearance.
Click the button that says Effects.
Check the box that says "Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts:"
Select 'ClearType' from the dropdown box (standard is basically an improved Win95 method - try it if you like, but ClearType is better overall).
Click Ok and close the window.

Simple huh? Everything looks soooo much prettier now!


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13th Jun, 2003 03:49 (UTC)
Interesting, everything's kinda blurry now. Maybe it's my eyes...
13th Jun, 2003 06:45 (UTC)
It'll seem blury at first - it kinda is I guess, as its antialiasing all the text. Also depends on the screen res you have vs size of your monitor as to how effective it is.

May not be to everyones taste. But I much prefer it.
13th Jun, 2003 05:39 (UTC)
ohh, nice. i always liked how macs did that. thank you greg!!! :)
13th Jun, 2003 06:46 (UTC)
no probs :) I'm enjoying the prettier screen right now :D

I think the mac still renders it better, but this is pretty damn close.
(Deleted comment)
13th Jun, 2003 06:47 (UTC)
*big consoling hugs*

Don't worry hon. Don't stress about it.
Plus you've been ill.. so *Shrugs* :)
13th Jun, 2003 07:32 (UTC)
you're so clever.
13th Jun, 2003 07:35 (UTC)
your calvin n' hobbes icons make me cheerful.

i've been cracking into my old calvin n' hobbes comics because of it.
13th Jun, 2003 08:31 (UTC)
Re: ps-
yay! :) Glad they work their magic on not just me.
I've not toally finished working on the theme realy. Theres quite a few of the happy section that need doing - Calvin always was better at looking grumpy ;)
13th Jun, 2003 08:43 (UTC)
when he gets mad, he gets this uni-brow look.

the stuff that comes out of this kids mouth.

13th Jun, 2003 08:52 (UTC)
Re: LOL!
His snowmen crack me up too.

Though I think my favourite face of his in my theme atm is
13th Jun, 2003 09:02 (UTC)
good ole snowmen series..
are my absolute favourites!!!!!

i wish i made snowmen like he does.
then again, i hate cold weather.
snow makes my toes and fingers and nose freeze.
i am not fond of winter.

his uni-brow angry look with his mouth open are my favs. refer to hobbes cutting all of calvin's hair off and fixing it with a yellow magic marker.

conversations he has with his dad have me in stitches everytime.

"...you mean i came from sears???"
13th Jun, 2003 09:28 (UTC)
Re: good ole snowmen series..
...or the brilliant

"How comes there are black and white photos?"
"Actually those are colour photos.. the world was black and white back then."
"It WAS??!?"
"Yup, until maybe the 30's or 40's and it was pretty grainy colour for a while too."

Personally I like the end of one strip..

mom to a traumatised calvin that is hugging her foot: "What did your dad tell you now?"
13th Jun, 2003 09:53 (UTC)
how many mood icons of calvin n hobbes do you have??
13th Jun, 2003 10:39 (UTC)
Re: priceless...
check out


to see the whole of my theme. Its not complete, so if you have any suggestions for the rest of them - feel free.
13th Jun, 2003 07:37 (UTC)
Re: ahhh....
Aww.. *blushes* thanks. I dunno about that.. just found it while working on a bit to become the Prince of Procrastination. Did you try it?
13th Jun, 2003 07:58 (UTC)
i see, said the blind man..
i didn't see no clear type.
something about fade and scroll.

i have office 2k on windows.
make a difference
13th Jun, 2003 08:37 (UTC)
Re: i see, said the blind man..
which windows version? This was specifically dealing with XP (those directions anyhow).
However on all versions there should be some form of font smoothing - to find out where it is click on the desktop and press F1 to bring up Windowns Help - then search for Font Smoothing. It should bring up a couple of options. Have a read and it'll tell you where its located.

Its quite posible you don't have the ClearType smoothing, but you should have some form of standard smoothing. See if you like it.
13th Jun, 2003 16:01 (UTC)
Cool...I like this :D
14th Jun, 2003 01:06 (UTC)
nice isn't it? :D
13th Jun, 2003 17:05 (UTC)
my puter was defaulted to that setting when i got it.
hmmm, wonder if that is something gateway does upon set up of the os...
14th Jun, 2003 01:07 (UTC)
to ClearType or just standard?

Either way I'm impressed. Must be something a random tech set up first, because its not on by default - and I've seen gateways with it off too.

Cool tho ;)
14th Jun, 2003 01:44 (UTC)
to cleartype, i checked it to make sure when i saw your post about it.
14th Jun, 2003 04:04 (UTC)

I've not seen a single windows system with that as default - its certainly not default in windows.

Well.. revel in your pretty screen fonts ;)
Click it back to none and see how most people are viewing the world. Evil no?
13th Jun, 2003 23:58 (UTC)
OK, that hurt my eyes. Maybe because I have an astigmatism? I don't know, but I will stay with standard. But, thank you anyway.
14th Jun, 2003 01:09 (UTC)
I have a mild astigmatism.. but.. *shrugs*

It does kind of depend on the size of your monitor and resolution as to whether it looks good. Still I'm surprised it hurt your eyes. I suppose it could do if you have the font settings real small.
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